Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 3 Tricks to Better Bridesmaid Poses

better bridesmaid poses

The bride and her bridesmaids have thought about their outfits for months and had their hair and makeup done for this special day. They are looking their best but may need some help to feel natural on the day of the wedding. Today, we are covering 3 tricks for better bridesmaid poses to create unforgettable images for them.

Bridesmaid Poses

Your clients come to you for your unique photography style; the way that your skilled eye can capture moments on their beautiful day. But when it comes to the posed pictures, how can you include your favorite wedding photography poses with your style and make sure that the pictures do not end up looking staged or forced?

As a photo edit service, we chat with wedding photographers around the world. We know how important it is to master posing, whether it is during the engagement session or the bridesmaid pictures. Keep reading to learn more about the best bridesmaid poses to use.

Keep it candid

Not every photo has to be serious. Laughing, candid shots can help to cement memories. Let their personalities show! Have a few laughing shots—even if it started as staged, the laughter becomes contagious.

It can be a little nudge to help them enjoy the moment so their smiles reach their eyes naturally. Keeping it candid will also help them relax, and laughter can be the perfect stress reliever. The more relaxed they appear, the more natural-looking the photo will be.

*Quick Tip*

Aim for both posed and candid shots to create a natural balance of the two. Remember to shoot a few candid shots of the bridesmaids talking to one another while they walk from spot to spot. This will preserve the moments of the entire day. A balance between candid and posed shots will also highlight the bridesmaids when they’re in their natural states. 

Bunch Up

Being surrounded by best friends will always bring out the best in a person. Showcasing the bride by surrounding her with her chosen ladies will help to reiterate the fact that she honored them as bridesmaids for a reason. Have them bunch up close together for a tight shot where they are all embracing one another. Another trick is to keep the bride in the foreground and the bridesmaids bunched together in the background. This will help single out the bride, while the bridesmaids accompany the background.

*Quick Tip*

Have the ladies hold their flowers near their belly buttons or close to their hip during the bridal party pictures. This will keep the flowers close to the same height and at a natural arm length so the flowers are not too close to their faces. This also helps to elongate the torso and encourage good posture.

Just like we recommend for the bridal portraits, focus on their posture to ensure there is no slouching. With good posture comes a more natural and more comfortable look. When bridesmaids clutch the bouquet too high, their shoulders can appear hunched, so encourage them to keep the bouquets low. Don’t be afraid to tell them to reposition a bit – they will appreciate you telling them how to comfortably pose.

Capture the details

It is very important to capture the details during the bridesmaid pictures. They have put in a lot of time and effort into choosing their dresses, and these photos will give them something to remember. Always consider all details, no matter how elaborate or subtle. Do the dresses have lace-up backs? Have the bride and bridesmaids turn around for a detail shot of the back of their dresses.

Did they do something fun with footwear—cowboy boots, flip-flops, skyscraper high heels? Have them hike up their dresses for a shot of those amazing shoes! Make sure to capture those little details that can so easily be forgotten. Remember: the bride spent time thinking up each and every aspect of the day, so preserving even the smallest of details is very important.

*Quick Tip*

Chances are there will be height differences within the bridesmaids. If the group is very different in height, place the tallest bridesmaids on the outside. This creates visual interest to draw the line of vision inward to the bride in the center. Also, try shooting the photos in different angles to accentuate the details with your signature style.

Most importantly, let the day happen. Be sure not to stage the entire shot to enforce your style. If you spend too much time orchestrating bridesmaid poses, it can look fake or forced. Keep your shot list in mind to make sure you get all of the pictures you need to, and then capture the girls simply being themselves and even funny bridesmaid poses. Capturing the celebration of a wedding will be nothing short of displays of excitement, joy, and unforgettable memories.

Show the world just how fun it is to be a part of the bridesmaids. These photos will share stories of the bride marrying the love of her life, and how she got to spend that special day with her best friends. Incorporate some fun bridesmaid poses  Once you have taken these photos, remember to show them off on your blog! Your blend of candid and orchestrated photos will show your clients and colleagues just how magical your photography is. This will only help your business, making room for more photos of soon-to-be brides and their chosen bridesmaids.

For additional tips to creating stunning images with amazing lighting techniques, download our Pro Wedding Photographer Lighting and Posing Guide!

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