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How to Ask Your Clients for Reviews

How to ask your clients for reviews

This blog post discusses how to ask your clients for reviews and what that can mean for your ranking and searchability online!

You dress to the nines, put on makeup, wear your best jewelry for a party — but nobody compliments you. You work on the fence of your house all day, repair it by the time evening arrives, and now it looks like new. Yet, your spouse doesn’t say a word about it.

Aren’t these scenarios a bit unsettling?? It is because everybody wants and loves appreciation! Not receiving feedback for all your efforts is heartbreaking.  

This holds true for every individual and every business. Wedding photography businesses are no different. If your clients don’t tell you that they enjoyed your company and your work, how would you know? That’s why getting good reviews is crucial for your growth as a photographer and a business owner. 

Receiving good reviews is more than just feeling appreciated. It has many other benefits for your business. Read below.

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