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8 Trending Wedding Photo Editing Styles To Explore

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As a wedding photographer, it’s important to find ways to stand out from the rest. One way to do this is by perfecting your editing style. There are many different editing styles to choose from, and each one can help you create unique and beautiful images. No matter what wedding photo editing styles you choose, be sure to experiment and have fun with it! Most importantly, find a way to make it your own. Whether you’re looking to create a timeless look or want to go for a more modern feel, in this blog, discover trending photo editing styles that can add that wow to your photos and set you apart from the competition. 

How To Find Your Photography Editing Style

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When it comes to wedding photography, editing can be the make-or-break factor in terms of creating stunning final images. In a highly competitive market, finding your own individual photography editing style can help you stand out from the rest.

There are a few things to consider when finding your wedding photography editing style. First, think about the overall look and feel you want to achieve with your images. Do you prefer a bright and airy style or something dark and moody? Once you have a general idea of the aesthetic you’re going for, start experimenting with different types of photo editing styles until you find the best workflow that works for you.

Top 10 Wedding Photography Editing Styles And Techniques

1. Vintage

a wedding couple dancing on their wedding reception
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @robbmccormickphotography

Vintage wedding photos will never not be loved by couples! And even though it’s technically vintage, this popular wedding photography editing style is here to stay. Vintage wedding photography is all about adding an old-fashioned, retro feel to your photos. It’s perfect for outdoor as well as indoor photos! Increasing the warmth of the photo can give it an antique feel, while adding a vignette around the edges can help to further create the illusion of an old photo. Without sacrificing the convenience and versatility of a modern camera, photo editing software like Photoshop can enable you to achieve this throwback look in your wedding images.

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2. Black And White

a black and white image of a groom embracing the bride while the sun shine behinds them
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

Black and white wedding photos are classic and timeless. This wedding photo editing style can be used to create a range of different looks, from soft and romantic to stark and dramatic. Many couples prefer black and white photos because they feel that it captures the emotions of the day more effectively than color photos. To convert a wedding photo to black and white, you can use desaturate or grayscale adjustments or shoot monochrome in camera. By using these wedding photo editing styles and techniques, you can bring out the emotions in a picture. 

3. Soft Focus

a groom embracing the bride from behind
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @olsondesignphotography

Soft focus is a popular photography editing style for wedding photos as it can add a dreamy, romantic effect to the image. Soft focus wedding photography editing techniques are often used for close-up shots of a couple. It can help to soften any imperfections and create a beautiful, ethereal look. To achieve this effect, you can use blur tools or filters in your photo editing software. 

4. High Contrast

a couple posing holding hands
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @apollofields

High-contrast wedding photos are dramatic and eye-catching. These kinds of wedding photo editing styles are achieved by increasing the contrast between the light and dark areas of an image. These wedding photos often have deep, rich blacks and bright whites, which can create a stunning effect. To edit a wedding photo in high contrast, you can use levels or tone curve adjustments. This photo editing style should be used sparingly so as not to overwhelm your viewer/client.

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5. Dark And Moody

a couple standing in front of a very dark background
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @sarafrance

Dark and moody wedding photography has become quite popular among couples who want a more dramatic look for their wedding photos. If there’s no way to get it in camera, you can achieve or refine these wedding photo editing styles by decreasing the overall brightness of your image, and increasing the contrast. This can give your photos a dark, brooding look that can be quite striking.

6. Light And Airy Wedding Photos

a bride and her bridesmaids posing with the wedding bouquet
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

When it comes to wedding photography, one of the most popular wedding photography editing styles that you can choose is the light and airy look. This style is characterized by using light colors, soft tones, and airy compositions. These wedding photo editing styles give photos a soft, dreamy feel – perfect for capturing romantic moments on a couple’s wedding day! Achieving this photo editing style is relatively simple with most photo editing software. Simply adjust the white balance to create a warm tone. Increase the exposure and add some highlights. And add a bit of contrast to make the colors pop.

7. HDR

a bride in her wedding attire posing in a very old looking room with large windows
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @photography_by_orlando

HDR, or high dynamic range, is a contemporary wedding photography style and technique that is becoming increasingly popular. This photo editing style is achieved by combining multiple exposures of the same scene into one image. This helps to even out the light and dark areas, resulting in a photo that has more detail and depth. To edit a wedding photo in HDR, you can use special HDR software or plugins. 

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8. Film

a wedding couple enjoying an intimate campfire
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

Film wedding photo styles are famous for their soft, romantic look and can be achieved by adding a film grain effect to an image. By increasing the contrast and saturation, you can create a dreamy quality picture as if it was shot on actual film. You can also add a vignette around the edges of the photo to further enhance the overall cinematic feel. 

Wedding Photo Editing Styles With ShootDotEdit

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Now that you know all about wedding photo editing styles, it’s time to choose the right one for your own wedding photography business! At ShootDotEdit, we offer professional wedding photo editing services that can help you achieve any look you desire. We understand that every wedding photographer has their unique style, and we will work with you to make sure your wedding photos are edited to perfection. We can also help you with photo color correction, photo cropping, photo skin retouching, photo sharpening, and more! No matter what you need, our team of experts is here to help you achieve the wedding photo editing style of your dreams. 

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At ShootDotEdit, we are passionate about helping you grow your wedding photography business. A part of how we do that is by lessening your post-production workload with our professional photo editing services. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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Minimony vs Micro Wedding: How To Photograph Intimate Weddings

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The last few years have seen a considerable shift in how couples choose to tie the knot. From minimonies and micro weddings to elopements and sequel weddings, there are now more options than ever when it comes to weddings. While each event has its distinct elements, they all prioritize intimacy. Comparing minimony vs. micro weddings, we know that both events have smaller wedding guests lists than traditional weddings, but there are several other key distinctions between the two. In this blog, we give you an overview of minimony and micro weddings and tips on how to shoot these wedding styles. We’ll also discuss how you can build your brand around these events.

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Bridal Bouquet Ideas: Photo Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers

a collage of two images with brides holding wedding bouquets

A bridal bouquet is a collection of carefully selected flowers that the bride holds as she walks down the aisle (and poses for her wedding day photos). Most brides come up with their own unique wedding bouquets, which is why they deserve your focus on the wedding day too. The bouquet completes the bride’s look and is certainly one of the highlights of the wedding (remember the bouquet toss?). From exotic flowers to the springtime classics, no matter the kind of flowers – one common thing about all bouquets is how breathtakingly stunning they all look, naturally making bridal bouquet photography an essential part of the big day. And this blog includes 5 bridal bouquet photo ideas just for you!

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Intentional Blur Photography Techniques + Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers

What even is intentional blur photography and since when did blur turn out to be a good element for your photographs? We get it – after years of conditioning to master the art of taking sharp images, the thought of adding intentional blur to your pictures could sound a bit perplexing. But as we gradually progress through this article, we’ll learn, when added strategically, how “blur” can be just the wow factor you might need to make your images stand out. Experimenting with the blurry photography style could capture fleeting moments in your frame or make memories appear timeless. Moreover, adding an intentional photo blur is more than just a happy accident; it is a style mastered with precision built on practice.

What Is In An Intentional Blur?

infographic stating an intentional photo blur is more than just a happy accident

To simplify, intentional photo blur is a strategic addition of blur of any form in an image through the means of intentional camera movement or subject motion in order to introduce a sense of ongoing movement. This creative side of photography is often explored so as to make memories come alive with the tasteful blend of moments and movement. And the skillful mastering of this technique could easily add an ethereal effect to your signature style.

How To Add An Intentional Blur To Your Wedding Photographs?

How to make your photo look blurry in a pleasing way? We found that the proper combination of the following four factors can do the trick.

  1. Lighting: Ever wondered if low-light situations can be of help to your photography style? Well, they can, especially when you are shooting at a slower shutter speed. A slow shutter speed allows the lens to be exposed to the available light for a longer period of time; therefore, it could lead to slight overexposure if the lighting is too much. Some of the best times to capture such photographs are during the early hours of the day or at dusk. Moreover, try to make creative use of the ambient light as well.
  2. Movement: Introducing a sense of movement and focusing on the direction of the movement is also an important focus area. First, the movement can be introduced by either the subject being in motion or by intentionally moving the camera. Both of which can result in different types of blurs. Moreover, be mindful of the direction of movement. Not every kind of movement looks good when captured as a blur. Often haywire movement or motion in the frame can create an absurd frame, leading to a jumbled-up scene.
  3. Shutter Speed: Before you begin experimenting with this blurry photography style, set your camera to operate in manual mode, especially, the shutter speed. In order to create a photo blur, try experimenting with different slower shutter speeds and monitor which one provides the desired result. However, in a classic motion blur photography scenario where you wish to freeze the subject in action with a background blur, it is essential to make sure that the camera is stabilized.
  4. Colors: When action blends as a blur, an image can appear somewhat similar to a painting. What gives the effect? The blend of colors in the scene – whether in the background or the subject. When colors that complement each other are put together in a blend of unfocused scenes, it can create a visually drawing scene.

Intentional blur photography can work wonders if you learn how to use it right. What distinguishes a crappy blur from a work of art? As it turns out, the rightful blend of lighting and colors, movement (direction of movement), and the camera settings.

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Creative Blur Techniques

When it comes to incorporating the blurry photography style into action, the options are multifold. Keeping in mind the four fundamental aspects described above, one can simply experiment with various applications. Given below are some of the ways you can creatively use this style.

1. Panning: Intentional Camera Blur

Panning is the movement of the camera from left to right or right to left direction either via hand movements or a tripod. This intentional camera movement when paired with the right camera settings such as a slower shutter speed can create a background blur as well as display the subject’s moving parts as an intentional motion blur. However, it is important to consider how fast is the subject and the background moving and adjust your shutter speed accordingly.

a newlywed couple holding hands and watching a fireworks display
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @jorgesantiagophoto

Ask yourself, what is it that you wish to bring attention to? The subject or the background? If it is the subject, then the aforementioned trick can work well. However, if you wish to focus on the background, try to stabilize the camera while allowing the subject to be in motion and the background to stand still. This type of blur can also include an abstract element, therefore, allowing the audience to depict meaning out of it based on their own perception.

2. Be Selective With Your Focus

Being intentional with your scene also means being selective with your focus. One such example of this technique is the bokeh effect. In bokeh, the background is photo blurred all the while drawing sharp focus to the subject. But not all bokeh looks good. So what is the difference between a good bokeh and a bad one? As it turns out, your choice of lens plays a major role in creating high-end bokeh. In addition to that, a good bokeh often has a smooth and softer background blur where light blends into smaller blurred-out circles.

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3. Zoom Blur

a couple kissing in the middle of a street while the surrounding is motion blurred
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @jorgesantiagophoto

This creative blur technique allows the edges of a photograph to blur out, all the while keeping the center of the image in focus. This can be done by either zooming in on a scene all the while setting a slow enough shutter speed. When done successfully, it gives away the feeling of forwarding motion or a starburst effect that gives away the sense of moving into a tunnel. It often works well when your main subject is placed at the center of the screen and you wish the rest of the scene to fade out. To make the most of such a scenario, try introducing flash to the scene and direct it on the subject. By flashing more light in that direction, it will gravitate the viewer’s attention toward the subject.

4. Light Paintings

Another creative use of a blurry photography style can be light paintings. Just as the name suggests, this style allows you to literally paint with the use of artificial light. The three components required to make it possible include a dark scene, a movement of the light source, and setting your camera to capture a long exposure. You can incorporate this into your workflow during couples portraits in the dark or even during wedding reception dance scenes (especially if the guests are holding glowsticks). To make the best use of this creative blur technique, set up your camera to blub mode.

Intentional Blur Photography Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers

We have curated a list of photographs featuring ShootDotEdit customers to help you draw inspiration on how to include intentional blur in a wedding scene.

1. Wild Trail Studio

a bride twirls in her wedding dress while the groom looks at her smiling
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer

This gorgeous monochrome image during a wedding reception is a beautiful snippet from the couple’s first dance hinting at just the right essence of motion. With the background and the groom still as the bride twirls along with the frills of her wedding dress makes for such as dreamy wedding shot.

a couple kissing in the foreground while their friends are visible in the background
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer

This image by Wild Trail Studio highlights the creative and smart use of selective focus and intentional blurring. Moreover, the right framing and the priceless expressions of the bridesmaid and the groomsmen further add to the scene.

2. Abul Wedding Photography

a intentional blurry image of a couple looking at each other while the bridal veil floats in air
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer

Ever thought an image could work with the subject blurred? Well, with the right combination of tactful framing, subtle colors, soft light, and camera settings, Abul just made it a reality with this photograph.

3. Olson Design Photography

a black and white image of a couple embracing each other
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @olsondesignphotography

Everything about this image has ‘dreamy’ written all over it! It is also a wonderful example of how you can introduce blur into an image even without wanting to highlight a movement. And how a moment comes alive by adding a little bit of blur.

a couple kissing in the middle while their friends roam around them in a circle
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @olsondesignphotography

By introducing motion blur, Olson Design Photography transformed this scene from a classic couple’s pose with bridesmaids and groomsmen to an absolute stunner. We wonder about the multiple takes that lead to this masterpiece and applaud the photographer’s creative instincts.

a bride in wedding attire holding the hand of the groom
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @olsondesignphotography

Want to introduce intentional subject blur in an artistic manner? You can draw inspiration from this image by Olson Design Photography. The color scheme, the hint of movement, and the tasteful addition of grain – everything works to add an ethereal effect to this scene.

4. Brandi Allyse Photo

a mole's eye view of couple holding hands and a airplane can be seen between them
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

Talk about experimenting with a unique camera angle + adding an intentional blur in the best possible way – Brandi Allyse managed to blend all the elements into this stellar frame. 

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Practice & Keep Experimenting

There is no doubt that making use of intentional blur photography can be tricky. For every creatively blurred image, there is a chance that you might end up with many badly blurred pictures. However, the trick to mastering the blurry photography style lies in constant practice. Especially if you wish to showcase it as your signature style to your clients. The more you practice creative blur in different scenarios, the more likely you are to get better at it. Moreover, even though the above-mentioned techniques can help you start your journey to introduce strategic blur in your photographs, experimenting will keep you going. 

Here at ShootDotEdit, we always aim to keep you up to date on the latest trends and information on the wedding photography industry. We also look forward to helping you lessen the photo editing load by taking it off your workflow. Take a look at how we can be of help to you by checking our pricing plans.

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The Art Of Candid Wedding Photography: Tips & Inspiration

Weddings can be dramatic, emotional, and a rollercoaster of an event. In addition to that, they could also be heavily posed. However, some couples have joined the bandwagon of letting go of the need to look “too perfect”. They are simply seeking their wedding photographers to capture moments that are more real and feel less staged. Moreover, they are seeking candid wedding photos that allow a glimpse into their true emotions. If you find more and more of your clients asking for a similar photography style, we are here to ensure that you are ready to deliver.

What Is Candid Wedding Photography?

a black and white image of a couple laughing out loud
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

Candid wedding photography shifts your photography focus toward documenting your subjects uninterrupted and in their natural element. However, not everything makes for a good photograph. Therefore, learning the art of taking candid photographs can feel a bit like bracing yourself for a moment that might or might not happen. Additionally, it requires learning to filter through moments to capture the ones that come rare but are priceless because of the true innocence and the emotional appeal they hold.

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Candid Wedding Photography Tips

How to plan to capture a moment that you don’t know will happen in the first place? We have laid out some tips and suggestions to help you figure out your way around mastering just how to take candid photos.

Give Plandids A Try

a grand wedding exit where the entourage is following the newlywed couple
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @infiniteloopphoto

Just as the name suggests, plandids are candid moments that are a bit planned or are retouched upon just a little. As awesome as it is to always be on the lookout to capture something extraordinary that might just happen at any given moment, it also helps to introduce some plandids. And to include them into your workflow, prompts, and questions can work like magic. For example, “What was your first date with your partner like?” “Where did you guys first meet?” or “What about your partner makes you smile?” Prepare a list of such questions to ask your couples in between the session as they are likely to evoke powerful emotions. However, be cautious not to overdo the plandid protocol to a point where the moment loses its raw essence.

Prepare For First Looks

What is a first look at a wedding? They are a pre-ceremony meeting between the couple in private before they finally say their vows out loud and walk the aisle. Nowadays, more and more couples are breaking the long-term customary notion of only meeting the partner in their wedding attire during the ceremony and not before that. But does that mean the first look is for every couple? Definitely not! It is your couple’s wedding, and they have every right to plan it as they wish. But should you bring it up? A big yes, especially if the couples voiced their desire for candid wedding photos.

Whether or not to have a first look? Your couple has the final say. However, you can talk about the benefits of planning the first look from the perspective of a candid wedding photographer. What’s even more important is that if they do plan to include it, you need to be prepared. Why? Let us elaborate: a first look not only offers a glimpse of their partner all dressed up in their wedding fineries but also provides a brief window of time when they can meet and just be themselves before embarking on a very special journey together. Although brief, the moment is filled with a whirlwind of emotions. All the perfect mix for candid wedding photography.

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Be Camera Ready, Even After The Big Moments

an outdoor wedding ceremony
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dannydong

From cake cutting and reception toasts to the ring exchange and the first kiss, sometimes the best candid wedding pictures come after the big moments. All these moments are often planned and thought about time and again. However, you’ll know you’ve struck gold when, in these picture-perfect moments, you find those sweet spots when people break the “we want it to look perfect” mold and slip into their real selves. You could capture these fleeting moments as your couple breaks into a giggle or gets teary-eyed or does something instinctive. What’s important is that the camera is rolling when it does happen, even for a second. 

Another suggestion would be to hang out with a group of guests around which your couples are at their most comfortable. Mostly because weddings can easily turn into a pretend feast. However, when your couples are around their closest friends and family members, honest emotions are likely to surface – whether they come amid friendly banter or while sharing drinks. A pro tip: keep an eye on the bridesmaids and groomsmen as they often tend to include a surprise or fun element.

Make Way For Humor

a couple walking their dog in their wedding attire
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit @taylorkempphotograph

An honest laughter often comes as one of the most genuine emotions. What’s tricky is to be able to induce it at the right moment, even more so as candid wedding photographers. It is not something you can always plan but can still work towards. Let conversations be a starter. In-between the sessions and all the posing cues, also have conversations with your couples about them and what they like. You can ask them what about their partner makes them laugh, or just for a hearty laugh, give them a funny posing cue and ask them to embrace the awkwardness. Introducing all these things can make way for including humor and moments of genuine laughter that are so very rare. But when that does happen, make sure your camera is ready to capture that priceless scene. Shoot quick!

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Document The Moment

a black and white image of a bride twirling in her wedding dress while the groom smiles at her
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit

Once you are done with your shot list and capturing all the big moments, shift gear to think from the perspective of a documentary photographer. If you have a photography team or a second shooter, you can assign the same task to them while you’re shooting the main events. Documenting candids doesn’t require you to interrupt what’s happening or give posing cues, but simply let the planning take the backseat and observe the event unfold through your lens. Sometimes you will be there at the right place at the right time, sometimes not. But slowly, with shooting enough weddings and practice, you’ll get better at developing an intuitive headspace of documenting moments.

Concluding Thoughts: Timing Is Crucial

As much as you plan or prepare, timing is a game changer for taking candid wedding photos. It could be that you missed out on something because you simply weren’t there or you were there but just not ready to capture it. We understand that it could be tough to get the timing right, but it helps to be attentive and keep your camera ready. As long as you are at the wedding, think from the perspective of a photographer even when the big moments are done and dusted. Moreover, pivot the lack of control toward making the most out of the change of events. 

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Here at ShootDotEdit, we aim to help you achieve more success as a professional wedding photographer. Part of how we do that is by taking the editing load off your post-production workflow. To get more clarity on how we can help, take a look at our pricing plans.

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Sunset Wedding Photography Tips And Inspiration

a collage of two sunset wedding photos

The golden hour is a wedding photographer’s happy hour! We don’t know who said this, but most of the time, this statement seems to stand true. Sunset wedding photography, when the weather permits, is on many photographers’ shot list. The sky is on fire (not literally), the view (if you are at a stunning sunset wedding venue) is breathtaking, and the lighting is simply too good to not take advantage of – there are a lot of reasons why sunset wedding photos are on a wedding photographer and couple’s must-have list. So whether it’s already a part of your shot list and you are looking for some sunset photography tips/inspiration or just need that little push to show you why all that planning and prep is worth it, this blog will help you with both.

Sunset Wedding Photography Tips

a couple kissing on the beach during sunset with the bride's veil floating in the wind
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @sarafrance

1. Prep + Plan

Yes, you can never really be prepared if the rain decides to show up after the ceremony, but if you do have sunset wedding photography portraits in the plan for your couple, then you might as well be fully prepared for it and ensure that if mother nature does decide to bless you with the most scenic sunset ever, you are ready and reach the location on time – preferably a little early. If your couple has decided to have a sunset wedding ceremony, then make sure you know all the spots that you could use for photographing the ceremony from all angles

Pack all the cameras, lenses, and lighting equipment you will need. A tripod, extra batteries, and reflector might come in handy too. On the day of the wedding, you can use the National Weather Service or a mobile weather app to make sure you check what time the sun is actually going to set so you get to the spot on time if there is travel involved. And lastly, try to ensure that your couple is on the same page as you. They might get busy attending to their guests, but it’s your job to remind them about the sunset wedding pictures you guys had discussed.

2. Posing

a couple standing on the deck of a boat during sunset with the city skyline behind them
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @infiniteloopphoto

Think about all your go-to romantic poses for couples and try to recreate them as golden hour wedding photos. With the colors sunsets bring with them, these poses are only bound to get even more dreamy. Also, even though there is a strict timeline involved, try to make sunset wedding photography fun for your couples. Instead of simply moving them into one stiff pose after another, let them have some fun with it. Perhaps you could take photos of them as they look at the sunset together or break out into an impromptu dance or just gaze into each other’s eye while soaking it all up – think about ways to photograph them in their true element.

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3. Experiment With Style, Angles + Perspective

a couple posing on a small pier by a lake while the sun sets behind a forest bordering the lake
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @photography_by_orlando

Light and airy, dark and moody, silhouettes, wide-angle shots – there’s a lot you can try out during the golden hour. We know it sounds like a lot to do in a comparatively small time frame, but this is all the more reason to follow that strict timeline we mentioned earlier and make sure you make the most of the time that you actually get with the sunset. We’d suggest that you start with what you know, take all the classic shots, all the classic couples portraits, and then switch to your experiment mode for more sunset wedding photos. Consider moving around the place you are in to get different perspectives. If you don’t want to waste too much time on the wedding day, we’d recommend location scouting in advance to get a better idea of what you’d be working with. 

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4. Location

a couple embracing each other standing on the edge of a cliff during sunset
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dannydong

While you don’t have much say in the wedding venue selection, as the wedding photographer, it’s your job to know the spots that would be perfect for sunset wedding photography. This is where location scouting in advance could really help you save time and also learn about all the perfect spots (yes, even if it’s a beach sunset wedding). If the ideal sunset point is a little far away from the venue and there’s travel involved, then try to make sure that everything runs according to schedule by keeping everything ready and knowing exactly where you want to take those photos. When it comes to sunset photography, timing is crucial, so we’d highly recommend that you get an idea about the venue and its surroundings if you’ve never shot there before.

5. Refine In Post-Production

a double exposure photo of a silhouette of a couple and a sunset over open waters
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @jperrymanphotography

Yes, the sunset colors are breathtaking. Yes, it would be ideal to get them exactly as they are in camera. So familiarize yourself with the right camera settings sunset photography, but try not to spend too much time perfecting each shot in camera. This is where post-production editing can help you achieve your desired end result. Like we said – when it comes to sunset wedding photography, timing is extremely important. One minute you might see all the gorgeous colors on the horizon and a minute later, they could disappear. You can’t control nature, but you can control your process. 

We’d suggest that you start with your go-to poses; get all the classic couples portraits and if you still have time after, play around with poses, angles, or even switch spots. Once you have everything you need, you can use a photo editing software or photo editing experts like us to get the colors to look as vibrant as they do in real life. 

Stick To The Timeline

a silhouette of a couple holding each other during sunset with ranges of hills behind them
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @breonnawellsphotography

Sunset wedding photography can be a beautiful (and incredibly romantic) addition to your couple’s wedding day. While nature could change plans and simply decide to not have a picture-perfect sunset on the wedding day, you need to be prepared for one anyway – especially if it was finalized with your couple. Discuss the wedding timeline with your couple and make sure you know what time the sun will set on the wedding day. Timing is everything, so keep your eyes on your watch and try to make sure you and your couple get to the designated spot on time. Have a clear idea about how you want to set things up, including any extra lighting. 

Even if you want to capture your couple in their natural element, a shot list would surely help to speed things up at the beginning. Lastly, don’t get caught up in getting the perfect sunset colors in camera. Editing can take care of that. Just remember to allow your couples to admire the sunset and really soak in the feeling of being husband and wife – that’s when you will be able to capture those unanticipated, candid moments that enable you to go beyond the shot list. 

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At ShootDotEdit, we strive to help you level up your wedding photography business. We realize how important time is for wedding photographers; therefore, we help you get more of it by lessening your post-production workload. To learn more about how we can help, check out our pricing plans.

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Wedding Photo Ideas: Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers

a collage of wedding photos

Wedding photography is a work of art and the photographer, the artist. An artist who paints with light and captures within a fraction of second emotions – so raw and delicate – that remain etched in the memory for a lifetime. With the world as their inspiration and the camera, their tool, wedding photo ideas are waiting to be tapped. The real question is – how do you bring them to life? And that’s where professional photographers find their creative fulfillment – breathing life into ideas and making moments timeless. Whether these ideas germinate in your mind or in awe of someone else’s work of art, having a creative bent of mind is an asset when it comes to photography. So if you crave some inspiration, you have landed at the right place. This blog showcases a list of creative wedding photo ideas featuring ShootDotEdit customers. So let’s dive in!

Wedding Photo Inspiration From ShootDotEdit Customers

From outdoor wedding images to unique crops, we have curated a list of wedding photography images from ShootDotEdit customers, which could very well be your source of inspiration for your next project. 

1. Outdoor Wedding Photo Ideas

Outdoor wedding photography is one of those photography genres that offer you a host of creative options. From a gorgeous garden, a stellar decor piece, a vintage automobile, or a fountain in the background, when shooting outdoors, there’s no dearth of elements that you can add to the scene or your frame. And they often make for a great addition to your couples’ wedding photographs. What’s more? You have the scope to incorporate that extra dose of sunshine in the images you create. What’s even better? Even on days when the sun doesn’t show up, the dramatic skies could be your canvas to paint your images in a moody and intense style.


  • Watch out for bad weather: Whenever shooting outdoors, always look out for the weather forecast. If not, then you are planning your session unmindful of a natural phenomenon that could change in the blink of an eye.
  • Don’t fight the weather: If the weather forecast states bad weather conditions, don’t fight the weather – instead, prepare for it. At weddings, you can’t always reschedule, but keeping essential items handy can work in your favor. Get gear rain cover and extra umbrellas; you never know, they might even double up as pretty props!
  • Figure out the lighting: Try to use natural lighting to your benefit. In the case of overcast days, try to create directional lighting by adding a negative fill or simply make use of backlighting.
  • Location scouting is a must: Be aware of the dos and don’ts of the venue you are shooting at. Location scouting will help you be more mindful and aware of the space – permit requirements, timings, natural frames, etc. 

[H3] 2. Indoor Wedding Photo Ideas

<img: @apollofields>

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, as a photographer, you might not have much say in the decision-making process. So if your couple decides to have an indoor wedding, don’t fret just yet! There’s a lot you can explore while shooting indoors. In fact, making use of the right lighting, backdrop, and framing can make for some incredible indoor wedding photographs. Take a look! 


  • Explore different perspectives: Get creative with the camera angles and framing. Experiment with wide angles and high angles, as well as a bird’s-eye view.
  • Get creative around staircases: U-shaped, L-shaped, circular, curved, or bifurcated – most wedding venues have elegantly designed staircases that you as a photographer can make use of while shooting.
  • Make use of the windows or doorways: While shooting indoors, there might be a slight lack of natural light. Windows and doorways make for an excellent filler in that perspective. How about hanging the wedding dress against a large window or a bridal portrait framed against an arched doorway? 
  • Use artificial lighting: Be on the lookout for natural light transitions around the space (this is where location scouting can be of help). Use flash to your assistance when required.
  • Experiment with black & white: Dimly lit venues can sometimes give you the scope to experiment with high contrast. And shooting monochrome can help make your images appear timeless.

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[H3] 3. Wedding Photos By The Water

<img: @taylorkempphotography>

Landscapes work as an incredible backdrop for wedding photographs. And the above-mentioned wedding photoshoot ideas are a clear testament to that. Whether it is a lake, a waterfall, a river, or the sea, water bodies include the scope of adding and creatively playing with reflections. Moreover, there is also a fun element attached to posing by the water. Something which could be a creative addition to the scene.


  • Include water as a creative element: Get in the water and allow your couples to be playful and really enjoy. This will allow for some joyful candid moments. Note: Be careful to keep your gear safe.
  • Protect your gear: Where there is water, the natural instinct is to keep your gear safe. Use waterproof accessories and cover. Also, after the session, add one or two silica gel sachets to the bag to protect your gear from forming any moisture.
  • Make the best of reflections: Using reflections to bring the focus to the subject (or to the frame) can create a visually striking masterpiece. Moreover, try including the foreground in the scene as well.
  • Blue hour works well: If possible, work around the blue hours when taking wedding photos by the water to avoid the evident glare from the sun.

[H3] 4. Photographing Couples In A Forest

<img: @brandiallysephoto>

Surrounding your subject with the lush greenery can make for refreshing imagery. However, it too can soon become equally overwhelming if you don’t know where to explore and look at it. Navigating the forest for the right spots can be one tough call, the other being the availability of lighting. But once you strike the right balance of finding the right spots and understanding the terrain, it could be a perfect match. Just as in these wedding photo inspiration images. 


  • Location scouting: One might not possibly know a forest at the back of one’s hand (unless it’s a local terrain that you are familiar with). Therefore, underscoring the importance of location scouting.
  • Carry a few lighting gear: Even though natural lighting can be of great help. It is better to carry some source of artificial light in order to navigate tough lighting scenarios.
  • Respect nature: Do not leave any trash behind. Carry a bag with you to dispose of litter. Remember to respect the surroundings around you at all times.
  • Safety is a must: Exploring the woods can be fun when treaded with caution. Stick to known and safe trails. And do not head to an unknown path without making anyone aware of your whereabouts.

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[H3] 5. Spring Wedding Photo Ideas


The spring wedding season brings with it an abundance of opportunities to give your images a fresh perspective. Everything is flourishing – the flowers, the trees, the streams. But how to incorporate that essence into a spring wedding? The answer might lie in the details. Something that your couples often spend hours planning. First things first, bring attention to everything floral – the decor, the theme, the bouquet, the boutonniere, and even the dresses. Here are a few tips to help you understand the process better.


  • Aerial shots: Take your camera angle a bit higher than usual to try to incorporate the entire essence of the place in one frame. Try to take aerial shots during moments when a bird’s-eye view provides the narrative of the scene – the wedding ceremony, bride’s entry, and couple’s exit.
  • Club details: Wedding details could be as large as a floral arch at the entrance of the wedding ceremony or as little as a boutonniere. But divided by space, it could feel lost in the scene. To bring the details to life, try clubbing smaller details together. Flat lay works best in such scenarios.
  • Step outside: Everything comes alive in spring. It is the best time to make use of the outdoors. So don’t just restrict yourself to shooting only inside the venue, but scan through the outside arena. You never know what spring element can catch your fancy – maybe a garden with blossoming flowers or trees overlooking a pathway.

[H3] 6. Summer Wedding Photo Ideas

<img: dannydong>

As fun as summer can be, it could also be a challenging time to photograph weddings, especially outside. But here’s a catch – it is also a time when you can make use of long hours of natural light and have increased access to outdoor venues. The sweet spot of getting the best out of summer weddings is learning how to beat the heat and avoid harsh lighting. Here are a few tips to help you strike that perfect balance.


  • Plan outdoor shoots early in the day: While setting the wedding day timeline, talk this out with your couples and try to plan most of the outdoor session during the early half of the day when the light is still soft. You can use the golden hour in your favor.
  • Stay hydrated: Weddings could easily extend anywhere from 6 to 9 hours. Carry a water bottle in your backpack so that you keep hydrated in the overbearing weather.
  • Find some shade: We admit, you can’t always escape the sun covering a summer wedding. And that doesn’t imply you will stop shooting, rather look for natural or artificial shade. It can work as a natural diffuser, thus cutting down on harsh shadows.

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[H3] 7. Winter Wedding Photo Inspiration

<img: @photography_by_orlando>

These winter wedding photographs from ShootDotEdit customers sure give the feel of a winter wonderland. These images are proof enough that even amid harsh and extreme winter climates, creative wedding photo ideas can come alive. Rain, cold temperatures, snow, and less availability of natural lighting can be some of the roadblocks that you might come across during the winters. However, with the right planning and preparation as well as an understanding of the location, you can bend them in your favor. Here’s how!


  • Dress warmly: From hand warmers to snow-protection boots, it is of utmost importance to dress up in winter-specific clothing. This will safeguard you against the harsh chill of the winter and ensure that you are able to operate properly.
  • Gear-protection cover: Winters could be harsh not just on you but also on your gear. To beat that, start with acclimatizing your camera post the shoot. This will help control condensation damage. Also, add a packet or two of silica gel inside your camera bag. This will suck out any moisture from the gear or the gear bag.
  • Pack extra batteries: Colder weather can impact your battery’s life (by cutting them to almost half). To avoid any last-minute hassle, always keep extra batteries (for your camera and lighting equipment) handy.
  • Look for colors: Incorporating colorful elements in a winter frame can liven up the entire scene. Especially, against the white expanse of snow.

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[H3] 8. Lifestyle Wedding Photo Inspiration

<img: @brandiallysephoto>

Lifestyle wedding photos belong to the realm of documentary and fine art photography. It focuses on capturing the moment in its true essence all the while introducing a touch of elegance and artistry. In itself, this style works to blend with certain other styles as well to enhance the look and feel.


  • Connect with the couple: To bring out the true emotions in someone else, it helps to establish a genuine connection. Maybe strike a conversation with the client, ask them how they met, or let the couple just simply enjoy themselves.
  • Do not direct, help: Even though there is still some level of posing involved in this wedding photography style, try not to force your clients to enact. Help them by giving subtle posing cues when required but first, let the moment unfold naturally.

[H3] 9. Editorial Wedding Photo Inspiration

Do your clients want their wedding photographs to look like a page out of a high-end fashion magazine? And are they willing to level up the posing game? Editorial wedding photo shoot ideas can be a perfect match. In this photography style, the client, as well as the photographer, works together to create gorgeous images that are heavily posed and staged. This might not be the choice of every customer but could strike the right chord for fashion-forward clients who share this vision for their wedding album.


  • Posing cues: There is no doubt that this style requires a lot of planned posing. Set expectations with your clients about the same. Give them clear posing cues to direct the shoot in a seamless manner.
  • Set a theme: Setting a theme adds meaning to every aspect of editorial wedding photographs. It stitches all of these flamboyant images into one magnificent story.
  • Creative angles & frames: This photography style really takes it all out. So when shooting this style, look for frames that appear extraordinaire. For instance, an S-shaped staircase, a splendid cut-glass chandelier, or a detailed window frame.

[H3] 10. Moody Wedding Photo Ideas

<img: @robbmccormickphotography>

Moody wedding photography is a niche that has gained some striking recognition in the recent past. Highlighting a sense of drama in the scene and bringing attention to the mood, this photography style gives birth to many wedding photo ideas for photographers. Some people mystify it to be only associated with the dark tones and mood. However, that is just one of the myths to be debunked. Even though moody photographs tend to highlight darker tones, their focus comes from the source of capturing intensity in any scene. Talk about powerful emotions, moments, motion – and the framing, lighting, and setup to portray it in the most accurate way possible.


  • Focus on the eyes: Eyes are an intriguing and powerful facial feature. Therefore, focusing on them in any scene holds the potential to make the photograph impactful (as well thought-provoking). The catch is to be mindful of your framing. Reduce the distracting elements around the scene (if any).
  • Include grain: Including some level of grain in your image can help you achieve the desired film-like look. Intensifying the look and feel, a little grain goes really well with moody photographs.
  • Look for shadows: Including shadows in an artistic manner in your wedding pictures can help you introduce a sense of dark and moody tone. The goal is to play with light in a manner that it only falls upon a specific portion of the subject that your wish to highlight. The rest blends with the shadows.

[H3] 11. Vintage Wedding Photo Ideas

<img: @brandiallysephoto>

How can you create a sense of nostalgia for something that’s happening right now? Vintage wedding photography has a lot to do with just that. Some couples when they look at their wedding pictures, want them to look timeless. A part of it has to do with what’s happening in the moment and a lot more with how it is photographed and edited. The key to getting it right is to think old school (or rather how to make a present moment timeless). 


  • Edit for vintage: Post-process your images to apply the vintage effect. This will suddenly impact the colors and tone of the images, thus making them appear classic vintage style.
  • Focus on muted tones: Classic wedding photographs tend to weigh more toward highlighting subtle brown tones in a scene. So look for muted tones or colors that blend to bring out a pale but beautifully dreamy setting.

[H3] 12. Sunset Wedding Photos

<img: @jperrymanphotography>

Including sunset as a backdrop to your scene holds the potential to truly transform your photographs. The ever-transitioning colors make for a romantic as well as a dramatic setting. The best part is the numerous options to experiment with the lighting, framing, perspective, and angles to give your images a creative edge. And the above-displayed images stand as an example of pretty much everything.


  • Timing is crucial: If you are making your way to the location when the sun has already started setting, chances are that by the time you reach there, there might not be enough light left. Plan your timeline so that you’re at the location much before sunset. That way, you’ll have enough time to set up your camera and figure out the framing.
  • Include surrounding elements: Include trees, lampposts, fences, etc., to creatively frame the light source to create a sunlit peek-a-boo effect.
  • Try silhouettes: Wait for the light to get softer before you start taking silhouettes. Also, help your couple by providing them with clear posing cues. 

[H3] 13. Fairy Tale Wedding Photo Inspiration

<img: @brandiallysephoto>

From the interior details, decor, and dresses to the entrance, exit, and the party, there is always that wedding that has everything planned to the T. Weddings that feel like they are taken straight out of a scene from a movie. And it is upon the wedding photographer to do justice to the planning through the photographs. Still wondering what a fairy-tale wedding must feel like? These images from ShootDotEdit customers are a stellar example.


  • Highlight the background: In most such weddings, the architecture is often grandiose and spectacular. Therefore, try including a striking element of the architecture as the background of your subject.
  • Get the posing right: Understand that the look and feel of a fairy-tale wedding photo rely as much on the location as the subject’s framing. Awkward posing can diminish the charm of the entire image.
  • Smart composition: Composition plays a major role in the creation of images that often work around architecture. Shooting indoors or outdoors, be mindful of including elements that make the image grand and magical. At the same time, do not deviate from bringing attention to the main subject – your couples.

[H3] 14. Silhouette Wedding Photo Inspiration

<img: looyengaphoto>

Silhouette is a creative photography phenomenon that takes place when you shoot against the source of light. It then blackens the subject highlighting just the outlines of the subject. With an ever-increasing scope of creativity, silhouettes make for one of the most popular golden hour photographs. However, don’t just think that they are confined to natural lighting. You can recreate a silhouette via artificial lighting as long as you position the subject in front of the main light source. 


  • Focus on outlines: In order to create interesting silhouettes, it is important to pay attention to the outlines. Pose your subject in a way so that there is enough in-between space. This will ensure that your subject’s outlines are highlighted and they don’t just appear as a blob of shadow.
  • Strategic framing: That being said about outlines, it is equally essential to frame your subject in a way so that you remove some unwanted elements from the scene. This will help you declutter and keep the focus on the main subject.
  • Shoot manual: During sunsets and sunrise, the lighting scenario is constantly changing. So if you set your camera settings to Automatic, the gear will try to expose the scene to a balanced exposure. Thus, not letting in a contrasting setup that is so very required.
  • Experiment with different angles: Silhouettes hold endless possibilities for creative framing. Therefore, give different camera angles a try.

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[H3] 15. Black And White Wedding Photo Inspiration

<img: Danny Dong Photography>

Transitioning from film to digital or a decade more in the photography industry, black and white images are here to stay and stay for long. The reason? The ability of the monochrome color scheme to bring attention to contrast, shadows, highlights, grain, tonality, etc., in such an intriguing way. What’s even better is that it could be used to showcase different aspects of a moment – whether it is edging on the emotions or on the timeless appeal.


  • Be a storyteller: Think in terms of setting a storyline. Understand how you can capture the scene in a way so that it tells something, evoke emotions, or works with the motion and movement in it.
  • Edit for monochrome: Even if you don’t shoot in black and white, you can always work on them as black and white during the post-processing phase. However, explore different monochrome themes to assess what brings out the real essence of your photograph instead of just applying the first B&W filter.

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[H3] 16. Wide-Angle Wedding Photo Inspiration

<img: @photography_by_orlando>

A wide-angle frame allows you the freedom and the opportunity to include multiple elements in your picture. And in events such as weddings that have a lot going on at any given time, it can work like magic to showcase a bigger picture. This wedding photography idea can work well while photographing wedding ceremonies, wedding party photos, and even couples portraits.


  • Use distortion to your advantage: When using a wide-angle lens, distortion is a common occurrence toward the edges or a frame. And there are different types of distortions, but by carefully working on the placement of your subject, you can use this distortion to work in your favor.
  • Balance the scene: Frame your camera in a way so that all the important elements in your scene seem equally balanced. This will rule out the possibility of introducing negative space, which could make your photograph appear incomplete or empty or too cluttered at one spot.
  • Introduce a visual anchor: There are so many things happening in your wide-angle photograph, but what is the glue that keeps it all together or what is something that strikes out? It is important to have a strong visual anchor in order to make your wide-angle photographs stand out.

[H3] 17. Drone Wedding Photo Inspiration

<img: jorgesantiagophoto>

Imagine you are photographing a bride walking up to the altar who has a gorgeous veil following her trail. Now imagine if you could capture that from a bird’s-eye perspective. A complete show-stunner! Some things when framed differently can totally impact the way we think and perceive things. And introducing drones to photography has given photographers the creative freedom to explore just that.


  • Know your safety limitations: As fun as flying a drone could be, it comes with its fair share of risks and limitations. Understanding them is an absolute must. From knowing your flying height limit to where you can or cannot fly, keep yourself up to date on the information.
  • Notice the surrounding: Your subject’s surrounding plays an integral role in enhancing the look and feel of your image. Compose your image in a way that eliminates distracting elements.
  • Creative posing: After some time, all of your drone wedding photographs can appear to look the same if the background is the same and you are not experimenting with the poses. Introducing space between your subjects in a creative manner can also tend to be helpful.

[H3] Some More Creative Wedding Photo Ideas

[H3] 18. Mountain Wedding Inspiration

<img: dianenicolephoto>

A hilly or mountainous terrain, when included mindfully, can create a whole different aura to your wedding photographs. They could make for a unique addition to your scene – as an interesting foreground or a marvelous background. And could even play a part in giving insight into your couple’s love for nature.

[H3] 19. Playing With Shadows

<img: sarafrance>

Contrast can play an interesting role in photography – all depending on how you introduce shadows. Play with shadows to add meaning or depth to your scene or to hint into the mood of the moment. This photograph from a ShootDotEdit customer couldn’t have been a better example of that.

[H3] 20. Capture The Uniqueness

<img: @jorgesantiagophoto> 

An image can be made unique in so many different ways – in the form of its framing, subject, focus, lighting setup, camera angle, photography technique, introduction or motion or movements, and even the colors. Learn how and when to bend the rules to get creative.

[H3] 21. Cue On The Cuteness

<img: kellyiswilde>

Focus on moments that highlight the adorability of the couple together. It could be a part of the entire wedding but might evidently surface during some special moments such as the first look, the cake cutting, toasts, first dance, etc.

[H3] 22. Introduce Stormy Skies

<img: olsondesignphotography>

A stormy sky too can sometimes bring out the best in your photograph. It could work as a creative background that adds a sense of intensity and drama to the scene. Especially, when shooting around surreal landscapes.

[H3] 23. Bring Out The Romance

<img: loversoflove>

Weddings can be overly dramatic, intense, and at the same time sugar-coated with countless romantic gestures shared between the couples. As a photographer, be on the lookout for the exchange of such moments, however brief or bold, and freeze them to make them last for your couples.

[H3] 24. Experiment With Off-Camera Lighting

<img: @erinm_photography>

Artificial lighting can pave the way for wedding photographs that wow. And can be increasingly beneficial for photographing in indoor venues. Play with different lighting scenarios and setups, such as hard light, soft light, and lighting angle, to get the desired result.

[H3] 25. Flat Lay Detail Photos

<img: @narvoldphotography>

When capturing details, incorporate flat lay photography to enhance the aesthetic appeal. In this style, you photograph still objects that are props, minute details, decor items, etc., placed on top of a flat surface from the top. A quick tip: Bring together elements that complement each other in terms of tones, color, texture, or subject correlation. 

[H3] 26. Introduce Architectural Elements

<img: @robbmccormickphotography>

At times, the background and the architecture can add more uniqueness to your image than the subject or pose itself. Moreover, some couples want their images to give a sense of the venue or where they are. It could be because it is special to them or they have spent hours planning that venue.

[H3] 27. Creative Use Of Narrow Depth Of Field


Experimenting with the depth of field can be creatively rewarding. It can help you bring the focus to the main subject in the scene and blur out the clutter. Note: Be mindful of what your subject is and the intensity of the blur. Sometimes, the supporting elements in sync with your subject can be made the main subject, just as in this image from a ShootDotEdit customer.

[H3] 28. Apply Unique Close Crop

<img: olsondesignphotography>

Close cropping can help you gain control over the elements that you wish to showcase in the wedding pictures. Moreover, depending on the crop style, it allows you the freedom to pivot the perspective of the scene as well. When clubbed together, multiple close crops can be clubbed together to form a sequence or series.

[H3] 29. Capture The Couple In Motion

<img: robbmccormickphotography>

Adding motion to your scene can raise the difficulty of controlling every aspect of your photograph. What else does it raise? The chances of getting an image that could be the best of the lot. So see if you could incorporate moments that capture the couple in motion – a twirl, a jump shot, or even the walk down the aisle.

[H3] 30. Let Them Be Goofy

<img: @looyengaphoto>

Try to capture the couple in their true elements, and if that means allowing them to embrace their goofy side, so be it! Not only does it introduce a fun element in the session but it also makes up for funny adorable photographs that your clients can cherish later.

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[H3] 31. Make Use Of The Blue Hour

<Img: @dannydong>

Want to head out for taking couples portraits? Make use of the blue hour to add a dramatic tone to your photographs. The blue-dominant hues can act as an amazing backdrop to highlight the subject.

[H3] 32. Create An Entourage

To include an entourage, you surround your main subject with a group of people and then include a random activity or motion, bringing attention back to the main subject. This technique works well when photographing the couple with bridesmaids and groomsmen.

[H3] 33. Flaunt The Bridal Veil

<Img: jorgesantiagophoto>

Add this as a topic of discussion in your pre-wedding conversation with the bride. Ask her about the veil length, type, and details. This will help you plan your camera angle accordingly to bring the focus to the veil in the best possible way.

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[H3] 34. Put A Ring On It

Running short of wedding photoshoot ideas? Just put a ring on it. We mean it, quite literally! Wedding rings are an essential part of the couple’s wedding album. Not photographing them is never a question. But it is always about how to photograph them in the most creative or aesthetically pleasing way possible. A pro tip: Pair the wedding rings with other items or look for reflections.

[H3] 35. Bring Out The Bouquet

Wedding bouquets are always charming to look at and are beautifully arranged. And there is a lot that you can experiment with while photographing them. In addition to the classic shot of capturing the bride holding the bouquet, you could explore photographing them during the bouquet and garter toss and being placed alongside other details.

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[H3] 36. The Wedding Cake Inspo

The wedding cake is one of the highlights of a wedding reception. Experiment with photographing the cake from different camera angles such as wide-angle, close-up shots, low-angle shots, etc. Also, draw attention to any meaningful details that might be hidden in the design and decor of the cake such as the initials, symbols, or photographs.

[H3] 37. The Reception Details


There is a high chance that your couple has spent a significant amount of time planning the food and drinks placed on the banquet table, the table decor, and even the wedding signs. So don’t miss out on them. Club the details together or a bit closer to fill the frame.

[H3] 38. On The Dance Floor

When the drinks are served, the food is laid out, and the DJ takes over the console, it is time for the party to begin. Do not put down your camera just yet, rather get closer to the dance floor and photograph the action. You never know, you might just end up capturing some serious fun.

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Weddings are a collage of many moments brought together by a celebration of two people coming together. And as a wedding photographer, freezing these moments and weaving them all together into a story lie at the very core of your job. We hope you enjoyed our inputs, suggestions, and ideas on what to include in your wedding photographs to help make them stand out. Also, a huge shout-out to our entire ShootDotEdit community for the brilliance they have created in the form of these photographs. For daily wedding photography inspiration, follow our Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest pages.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we constantly work on sharing processes, tips, and resources that will help you enhance and grow your expertise as a photographer and a business owner. We also help you share your wedding photo editing load by taking this tedious task off your plate. To learn more about how we can help, check out our pricing plans.

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