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Twitter Marketing Strategy For Wedding Photographers

Infographic stating Twitter marketing strategy for wedding photographers

Just like it is for most businesses in the digital age, social media marketing forms an integral part of your photography business too. And although Twitter might not be an immediate choice for many wedding photographers to showcase their work online, it is fast gaining ground as an essential marketing tool for many from the photography business community for reaching out to their target audience. If the recent numbers published by business data platform Statista is anything to go by, as of July 2021, Twitter has 206 million monetizable users on its platform worldwide. Of these, nearly 73 million are in the US alone. Now, that’s a lot of people! And it only makes good business sense to have your presence on this microblogging site to increase your reach among a vast pool of potential clients and help drive your business through Twitter marketing. How do you do that? Well, it’s all about making the right noise, or in this case – the right tweet! Read this blog for some helpful Twitter marketing tips that could help you position your brand better on Twitter and engage with your present and potential clients on the platform.

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