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Stephanie Heymann’s Winning Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Strategy

If there’s one thing that’s stood the test of time in the ever-evolving marketing landscape, it’s the power of word-of-mouth. It’s a tried and tested marketing strategy that sparks conversations, builds trust, and ultimately propels your photography business to new heights. Think about it – before you buy, you ask around, read customer reviews, and heed the advice of those who’ve walked the path before you. It’s human nature, and its marketing process as old as time itself. That’s precisely why successful wedding photographers, like the talented Stephanie Heyman, have harnessed the art of word-of-mouth advertising to flourish in their careers. In this exciting blog, we’re diving deep into Stephanie’s playbook, revealing her top-notch word-of-mouth marketing strategy that has set her on a trajectory of success. So grab your notepads because we’re about to unravel some seriously awesome and effective referral marketing ideas. 

Thriving And Succeeding Through Customer Referrals

Stephanie Heymann, owner of Stephanie Heymann Photography, has been in the business for over a decade. She attributes much of her early success to social media and her strategic use of word-of-mouth. But it’s not just about uploading pretty social media posts and hoping for the best. Stephanie strategically selects clients whom she genuinely connects with and enjoys working with. By delivering exceptional service and forming strong relationships, she knows that these satisfied customers will become valuable ambassadors who will spread the word about her photography services. 

This targeted approach creates a buzz and attracts more ideal clients who align with Stephanie’s style and vision. And let’s not forget the role of social media in boosting her word-of-mouth marketing strategy. Through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, Stephanie showcases her stunning portfolio, engages with her audience, and connects with potential clients. This powerful combination of identifying her target market, nurturing client relationships, and effectively utilizing social media has amplified her brand awareness and propelled her business forward. 

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Stephanie Heymann’s Winning Word-Of-Mouth Marketing Strategy

1. Treat Your Clients Like Friends And Family

infographic stating foster genuine relationships and provide excellent customer service to boost word of mouth referrals

Ever wondered how to consistently garner customer feedback and a steady stream of word-of-mouth recommendations? The answer lies in the art of personal style. Stephanie’s approach is more than just taking photos; it’s about creating experiences, forming connections, and becoming more than just a photographer. As she puts it, “I want to be your friend.” This simple yet profound mindset is the foundation of her email signature – a “photographer, artist, friend.” Getting to know the people she photographs, whether it’s a family portrait or a wedding, is paramount. She’s not just there to capture moments but to become a part of the story. 

Stephanie’s knack for making art and her love for sharing genuine moments is the secret behind her ability to create experiences that last a lifetime. She doesn’t see her clients as subjects to pose; she sees them as real people with unique stories. So, here’s how you can follow Stephanie’s strategy: Make it personal. Develop a genuine interest in your clients, and treat them not just as subjects to be photographed but as friends and family whose stories you’re excited to tell. 

2. Balance Out Fun And Approachability 

Providing remarkable customer service with happy customers singing your praises is all about finding that balance between fun and approachability. Stephanie’s word-of-mouth marketing strategy thrives on her unapologetic authenticity. She told us, “I am unapologetically me.” This level of authenticity is a magnet for clients seeking a friend, a collaborator, or someone who “gets” them.

She brings out her true self from the start, allowing her unique personality to shine through. This immediate connection forms the foundation of her client relationships. This effortless harmony between approachability and professionalism makes clients feel comfortable and confident. So, if you’re aiming to get people talking, or to have clients eagerly share their experiences, take a cue from Stephanie.

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3. Get On Preferred Vendor Lists

infographic stating partner with the best wedding vendors to unlock a network that refers clients who are a perfect match for you

Stephanie’s word-of-mouth marketing strategy includes building strong relationships with top-notch wedding vendors. This strategy amplifies referrals and sets the stage for an influx of eager website visitors. It starts with aligning with the best venues and planners and delivering exceptional work. This smart move allows her to work with the industry’s crème de la crème and unlocks a network that will refer her to clients who are a perfect match for her style and ethos. She shares, “Because when you’re on those lists, you get to go back to the places that you love, and you know that those venues are going to attract your kind of bride.”

And while expos might be popular referral tools, Stephanie, a thought leader in her own right, marches to the beat of her own drum. “I don’t do expos…It’s just that I didn’t really feel like expos were where I could find my client,” she asserts. Stephanie’s approach isn’t just about securing business but building a brand rooted in trust and providing exceptional customer experiences. Her partnerships earn her shoutouts, her work fosters brand loyalty, and her clients become her word-of-mouth marketers. 

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4. Be Your Client’s Hero

Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary is what Stephanie Heymann does best. Her approach to photography is akin to being a hero for her clients, ensuring a positive experience from start to end. Her commitment to making her couples feel at ease and well cared for begins long before the wedding day. However, Stephanie’s dedication doesn’t end there. Embracing the digital age, she leverages Zoom calls to collaborate on everything from timeline planning to dress selections. 

When the wedding day arrives, Stephanie’s clients acknowledge her expertise. “You’re the expert, you tell us what to do,” they often say. This trust is hard-earned through Stephanie’s dedication to staying connected, offering guidance, and fostering comfort. She aims to ensure everything runs smoothly and “we stick to the timeline.” And guess what? This results in raving customer testimonials!

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5. Believe In Yourself And Have Confidence

infographic stating confidence isnt just a trait its the core of success believe in your craft and value your expertise

Confidence is at the core of Stephanie’s word-of-mouth marketing strategy. As a photographer, believing in yourself and your craft is crucial. Stephanie affirms, “I had confidence – whether it was deserved or not. I was confident in my art.” This confidence stems from knowing you possess the skills and talent to deliver exceptional work. By valuing your time and expertise, you can confidently charge for your services and establish yourself as a professional in the industry.

In addition to self-belief, Stephanie demonstrates the importance of tapping into consumer behavior through charity events and giving back. By offering gift certificates for auctions or providing free sessions for families, photographers can create positive experiences and generate word-of-mouth referrals. “I also definitely tapped into charity events…You do one thing that gets noticed, for whatever reason, and if your work is good, the word starts to spread,” Stephanie shares. 

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Stephanie Heymann’s word-of-mouth advertising strategy is multi-faceted: belief in oneself, genuine connections, top-tier collaborations, and a touch of heroism. From offering free engagement sessions to ensuring a stress-free wedding, Stephanie’s authenticity shines through, creating unforgettable experiences that her clients eagerly share. By following her playbook, photographers can navigate this type of marketing and become trusted wedding vendors.

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