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Working With Clients From Start To Finish: Featuring June Lion’s Brand Story

Your portfolio showcases your exceptional wedding photography skills; it’s the kind of work that would make any couple want to hire you for their big day. But did you know effective communication is just as crucial in attracting and retaining clients? Your interactions can influence customer service quality, client list growth, and referral rates. The art of working with clients from start to finish hinges on strong communication and business skills, which form the backbone of lasting client relationships. Navigating this journey might seem overwhelming, so that’s why we’ve got something special for you! Pro wedding photographer and ShootDotEdit customer Kelly Wilde of June Lion shares her valuable insights and tips on cultivating business relationships and enhancing the client experience. 

Working With Clients From Start To Finish Featuring June Lion’s Brand Story

a couple in their wedding dress standing on a grassy field with the sun shining behind them
Image Credits: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

Establishing clear lines of communication with clients from the beginning helps ensure that both parties are on the same page when it comes to business goals and client experience. Here are some tips on working with clients from start to finish from Kelly Wilde of June Lion. Let’s get started! 

1. Conduct Proactive Planning During Client Onboarding

Kelly has honed her method for guiding clients through the wedding journey, setting clear expectations right from the onset. Upon initial inquiry, Kelly sends potential clients a studio guide. This guide offers an overview of the process and takes them step-by-step to ensure they’re aware of what they’re signing up for.

“We send it initially, and only after they look over everything on email, we send the booking link,” says Kelly. Once the booking is confirmed, Kelly provides her clients additional resources to ensure they are fully prepared for their shoot. Kelly’s meticulous preparation ensures that every detail is accounted for, from sharing information on her favorite locations to offering guidance on what to wear and providing access to a paid styling service.

Around two weeks before the session, Kelly schedules a planning call with her clients. During this conversation, they delve into more specific details, discussing everything from where they want the artwork in their house to the vibe and colors of their home. This personalized approach helps fine-tune the final details. Kelly’s clear communication strategy, thorough preparation, and customized planning sessions ensure a seamless experience for her clients. 

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2. Provide Flexibility In The Decision-Making Process

a monochrome shot of couple holding each other closely smiling looking at each others eyes
Image Credits: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

When it comes to client management, Kelly recognizes the importance of flexibility and creative control. She has developed a unique approach to her service packages, one that caters to her client’s individual preference and their desire for a more hands-on role in shaping their wedding photography experience. “A lot of times, people are going to want to swap things out.” In response to this, Kelly has devised what she calls the ‘Creative Collection.’

Kelly’s ‘Creative Collection’ is a three-step process that allows clients to tailor their packages to their needs. “So if you want to get the full set of digitals, you have to choose either one piece of wall art or an album, then you also have a choice of small or large resolution digital files, and also have to pick something from my gifts and keepsakes section,” she explains.

This structure allows her clients to select items they truly want while maintaining a streamlined process. It’s a win-win situation: clients enjoy greater creative control, and Kelly covers all key services. To cater to budget-conscious clients, Kelly also offers a limited number of digital images a la carte.   

3. Be Empathetic And Patient 

There’s often a preconceived notion of the ‘ideal’ time and place for a photo shoot. However, Kelly challenges this notion with her flexible and understanding approach. For the wedding pro, the love for a stunning sunset or field doesn’t blind her to the practicalities of a photo shoot, especially when children are involved.

Kelly’s work throughout the day avoids the harsh light between 11 AM and 2 PM, with sessions usually booked for the morning or evening. The deciding factor isn’t the ‘perfect’ lighting but the children’s comfort. She elaborates, “We do talk about time of day, but it’s usually working around naps more than anything.” Kelly’s approach to working with clients from start to finish is a powerful reminder that flexibility, understanding, and a holistic view can lead to the most rewarding outcomes. 

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4. Hop On A Zoom Call And Make Meetings Easy

a wedding couple and their wedding party running towards the camera holding umbrellas over their heads
Image Credits: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

Working with clients often requires innovation and adaptability, and Kelly has perfected this art by integrating technology into her workflow using tools like Zoom – a popular video conferencing software app. Kelly’s decision to conduct online meetings provides flexibility and makes the process more comfortable for her clients. “I feel like not to have people get childcare is great too because if they’re coming to a studio for two hours, there’s no way their child is going to be happy,” she adds. Kelly’s flexibility extends to scheduling, as she can arrange Zoom meetings at any convenient time – after a child’s bedtime or during childcare hours.

Kelly also encourages a relaxed atmosphere during these virtual meetings. “I like people in their comfy clothes, being able to have a glass of wine or whatever while they view their photos.” This casual ambiance further enhances the client experience, allowing them to enjoy the process of reviewing their wedding photos or family portraits from the comfort of their own home. Plus, it also gets work done faster!

5. Use Business Tools For A Smooth Workflow

Working with clients from start to finish requires meticulous project management. To do so, Kelly relies on various tools and software to keep her workflow running smoothly and efficiently. “We use Táve for client management,” Kelly shares, highlighting one of the key tools she uses in her workflow. However, she acknowledges that there’s always room for improvement, and automation is on her radar. In addition to Táve, Wilde relies heavily on White House Custom Color and Finao. “Those are my go-to’s,” she says, emphasizing the value these tools bring to her business and her ability to deliver top-notch service to her clients.

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6. Go Above And Beyond To Provide Excellent Customer Experience

a bride holding the wedding bouquet resting her head on the grooms chest both in their wedding attire
Image Credits: ShootDotEdit Customer @kellyiswilde

Kelly goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are satisfied with the results. While sharing her screen during a Zoom meeting, Kelly presents a slideshow of images. She then presents them with pre-designed proposals based on their interests, be it albums, wall art, or both. 

But the experience doesn’t stop there. Kelly adds, “They can send photos of their house and we can put the images virtually on the walls of their house…Fundy Designer has been great for the IPS that way.” This interactive process allows her clients to visualize the result in their own space, ensuring they are thrilled with their selection.

Behind the scenes, Kelly’s husband plays a significant role in streamlining the process. “My husband works for me now…He also does a lot of my correspondence because just getting through the emails can take me half a day,” she shares. Kelly’s technique for delivering a first-class client experience is a testament to going above and beyond, coupled with teamwork. 

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Effective communication and exceptional photography skills are two sides of the same coin when building and maintaining a successful photography business. As Kelly has shared, proactive planning, empathy, flexibility, and going the extra mile can significantly enhance the client experience and set your business apart from the competition. By adopting a client-centric mindset and using the right techniques and tools, you can streamline your workflow, increase your referral rates, and become the go-to photographer who captures beautiful moments and creates lasting relationships. 

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