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Why The Best Wedding Pros Trust ShootDotEdit With Outsourcing

Trust ShootDotEdit With Outsourcing

Trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing and experience the ease of running your wedding photography business smoothly. As a professional wedding photographer, you understand the rigors of the business and know every second matters. On your busiest days, you have back-to-back events and strict delivery timelines to meet. That’s where we come in! ShootDotEdit specializes in outsourcing photo editing services for wedding professionals like yourself. Count on our reliable and trustworthy team, who have received rave reviews from industry professionals. In this blog post, we take you through several benefits these wedding pros have experienced with their decision to outsource their photo editing needs to ShootDotEdit. Let’s dive in!

Client Testimonials: Why Wedding Pros Trust ShootDotEdit With Outsourcing 

1. Brandi Salerno Of Brandi Allyse Photo

ShootDotEdit customer Brandi Salerno of Brandi Allyse Photo knows the challenges of handling a massive number of photos and post-production all too well. That’s where ShootDotEdit comes to her rescue!

Our extraordinary wedding photo editing services have been a total game-changer for Brandi’s business. “Getting those reception photos back looking so perfect and white balanced and not having to worry about any of them has been just such a time-saver!” says Brandi. Due to her decision to trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing, she has received exceptional support and flawless images that have not only saved her precious time but also elevated her photography to new heights. Check out the journey and rise of Brandi Allyse Photo and visit Brandi’s website to explore the amazing photography services she offers.

2. Kristen Lenox Of K. Lenox Photography

ShootDotEdit customer Kristen Lenox of K. Lenox Photography knows the value of working smarter, not harder, to make the most of her time.

Initially, this light and airy wedding photographer found herself spending countless hours re-editing her work to achieve the perfect look. Letting go of the control and getting to trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing was a learning curve, but Kristen quickly realized the benefits. Her images now have a consistent, polished style that matches her vision. This newfound freedom allows Kristen to spend more time with loved ones, enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and savor the moments that matter most.

For photographers seeking to work efficiently and elevate their craft, Kristen’s experience with ShootDotEdit is an inspiring testament to the power of collaboration and letting go. Learn more about her lessons in photography business outsourcing, and visit her website to discover her exceptional photography services!

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3. Sara France Of Sara France Photography

Meet ShootDotEdit customer Sara France, the talented professional photographer and the mastermind behind Sara France Photography, The Copper Collective, and Shay Studios. Right from the beginning, Sara understood the importance of outsourcing, and ShootDotEdit’s wedding photo editing service became her dedicated partner for post-production needs.

With three distinct brands, each requiring different presets and looks, Sara relied on ShootDotEdit’s seamless management and customization to deliver consistent and outstanding results. By embracing outsourcing, she gained precious days and years back in her life and business, allowing her to expand, grow, and witness the true power of outsourcing.

Discover more about Sara’s photography journey, and explore her website to see her exceptional work.

4. Flavio DeBarros Of Flavio D Photography

ShootDotEdit customer Flavio DeBarros of Flavio D Photography has a clear vision for his brand and knows that his photos need to look natural and timeless. That’s where ShootDotEdit comes in as a crucial partner in his post-production process. 

With a busy schedule and multiple projects, staying organized and delivering on time is essential. ShootDotEdit’s professional photo editing service has become Flavio’s go-to for handling the editing workload while ensuring a consistent and remarkable final product, which perfectly aligns with his high-end wedding photography brand.

Check out this Boston-based photographer’s story on being a successful industry professional and visit his website for a glimpse into his world of captivating wedding photography. 

5. Stephanie Heymann Of Stephanie Heymann Photography

ShootDotEdit customer Stephanie Heymann of Stephanie Heymann Photography trusts ShootDotEdit’s wedding photography editing services for all her editing needs. The incomparable color matching and precision in post-production impressed Stephanie from the start. Outsourcing wedding photo editing has helped her manage and overcome obstacles to establish and sustain her photography business. She can now focus on her creative vision and deliver exceptional results to her clients.

Stephanie’s love for ShootDotEdit is evident, as it has become an integral part of her workflow. Check out Stephanie Heymann’s inspiring story, and visit her website to witness her stunning portfolio. 

6. Kelly Wilde Of June Lion

ShootDotEdit customer Kelly Wilde of June Lion found a game-changer in outsourcing her photography business post-production editing requirements. For Kelly, passing on the color-correction service to ShootDotEdit has been a revelation.

No longer spending hours editing photos, she focuses on what truly matters – spending quality moments with family and working on other neglected aspects of life. With ShootDotEdit taking care of her wedding photography editing, Kelly can now shoot more and edit less, striking the perfect balance between their passion and personal life. Read more about Kelly Wilde’s photography journey, and visit her website to discover her amazing photography services.

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7. Orlando Oliveira Of Photography By Orlando

For ShootDotEdit customer Orlando Oliveira of Photography by Orlando, outsourcing wedding post-production to a professional photo editing company like us was a no-brainer for his busy schedule. 

With ShootDotEdit, his post-production process became streamlined, efficient, and delightfully consistent. Now, Orlando can deliver stunning wedding images to couples within a fraction of the time. All thanks to ShootDotEdit’s fast turnaround time that has helped transform his client experience and give him more time to focus on capturing precious moments. Discover more about this creative, award-winning photographer’s journey, and visit his website to check out his breathtaking portfolio. 

8. Jerry Cantave Of Infinite Loop Photography

For ShootDotEdit customer Jerry Cantave of Infinite Loop Photography, photography isn’t just a job; it’s his true passion. However, he quickly realized that to be a successful photographer, he had to be more than just a photographer. 

Struggling with the endless post-production work that was taking away his precious time from his family or focusing on business growth, his decision to trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing turned out to be a game-changer! Impressed by the professional photo editing service and affordable price point, having outsourced his post-production needs, Jerry now gets the time to do what he loves – capturing and participating in people’s important life moments. Find out more about Jerry’s photography journey, and explore his website for a glimpse into his incredible work. 

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9. Jorge Santiago Of Jorge Santiago Photography

ShootDotEdit customer Jorge Santiago of Jorge Santiago Photography knows that running a successful wedding photography business isn’t just about capturing breathtaking moments; it’s also about managing the countless behind-the-scenes tasks that can become overwhelming.

With around 20–25 weddings per year and approximately 20,000 photos per wedding, Jorge relies on ShootDotEdit’s beautiful and colorful photography editing. The fast and efficient workflow, along with the incredible photography style and color matching, has also helped reduce Jorge’s computer time significantly. Check out this talented Pittsburgh wedding photographer’s inspiring take on being yourself, and visit his website for top-notch services! 

10. Natalie And Brandon Of Studio N Photography

Natalie and Brandon, the dynamic duo behind Studio N Photography, understand that capturing beautiful moments is just a fraction of what it takes to run a successful and sustainable business in this industry. From being a stylist and accountant to a Photoshop and Lightroom expert, they needed a reliable outsourcing partner to edit wedding photos. That’s where ShootDotEdit came in, providing the perfect solution for their needs. 

The prompt delivery of their jobs and consistent, top-notch quality has been a game-changer for their business. This way, they get more time to bring their creativity to life and deliver unforgettable experiences to their clients. Check out Natalie and Brandon’s journey, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

11. Joe And Darryl Ann Of Salt & Pine Photo

Wedding pros Joe and Darryl Ann of Salt & Pine Photo were initially hesitant to hand over their photo editing to ShootDotEdit but were soon delighted with the results!

With ShootDotEdit, they found a trusted partner who delivered consistent and flawless edits, matching their vision perfectly. The freedom from laborious color correction allowed them to focus on their work-life sanity and bring a newfound energy to their photography; their work soon soared to new heights of quality and efficiency. Learn more about this husband and wife team, and visit their website to see how they create stunning images that resonate.

12. Diane Clifford Of Diane Nicole Photography

Diane Clifford, the incredible force behind Diane Nicole Photography, knows that editing is a time-consuming aspect of her work. Discovering ShootDotEdit and the power of outsourcing, Diane said, “It all felt right, all fell into place, and it was a leap of faith, but it’s been worth it!” 

ShootDotEdit came to her rescue by handling the post-production process, allowing her to focus on shooting and delivering stunning images to her clients. No more spending hours color-processing and wondering why the images looked off! ShootDotEdit’s reliable service ensured Diane’s pictures were returned promptly and flawlessly, making her photography business run smoother than ever before. Get insights from Diane’s inspiring story, and visit her website to learn more about her services.

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13. Danny Dong Of Danny Dong Photography

Danny Dong, the talented mind behind Danny Dong Photography, understood the power of outsourcing with ShootDotEdit for seamless post-production. 

With a booming business, Danny needed more time to focus on his priorities. ShootDotEdit became the ultimate time-saver, eliminating the laborious culling and color-grading process. For an 8-hour wedding shoot with thousands of images, ShootDotEdit cut Danny’s workload by two and a half days. Discover more about Danny’s photography journey, and visit his website to explore his stunning portfolio.

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14. Joseph McFetridge Of Love By Joe Mac

For wedding pro Joe McFetridge of Love By Joe Mac, weddings are not just events; they are moments filled with love, emotions, and precious memories. However, as much as he loves capturing these moments, he knew that running a successful photography business requires careful time management. This is where ShootDotEdit came to the rescue! 

His decision to trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing allowed him to focus on what matters most – connecting with people, managing clients, and growing his business. To experience the same freedom and efficiency in your photography business, learn from Joe’s inspirational journey and explore his website for his amazing photography services.

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It’s time to reclaim your time and elevate your own business to new heights! With an experienced team of photo editors and color experts, ShootDotEdit takes the burden of post-processing off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on running your own business. Outsourcing advantages are undeniable! It not only helps you get your free time back, but it also ensures consistent and high-quality results. Also, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your post-production is in capable hands is invaluable. So, join the ranks of the best wedding professionals and trust ShootDotEdit with outsourcing. Invest your time in doing what you actually love and experience the freedom, efficiency, and exceptional results that come with partnering with professionals!

At ShootDotEdit, we share our clients’ stories with you to inspire and demonstrate the power of outsourcing. If photo editing has become a tedious process for you, then it’s time to let us lighten your workload! To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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Beyond Photography: The Wedding Photography Educator’s Journey

Come along on a journey behind the camera and discover what it means to be a wedding photography educator. As a professional photographer, you know that your craft extends far beyond capturing stunning images. You hold the responsibility for documenting treasured memories from a couple’s big day. But have you ever considered sharing your expertise with others in the wedding industry? This blog delves into the fascinating world of wedding photography educators, who not only excel as photographers but also take on the role of mentors and teachers. Join us as we introduce these inspiring educators and explore the various platforms they use to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Inspiring Stories Of Wedding Photography Educators

1. Brandi Salerno

a wedding couple kissing while the  bride's veil is blowing in the wind
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer@brandiallysephoto

Embarking on a remarkable journey, Brandi Salerno has carved a unique path as a wedding photography educator, driven by her desire to share knowledge and empower others in the industry. From the early days, she noticed her friends and Instagram followers asking her questions on photography, seeking her guidance on mastering their cameras, a testament to her innate talent and passion for photography. Despite time constraints, she wholeheartedly embraced their questions, driven by her genuine willingness to help aspiring photographers find their footing. Balancing altruism and business, she had a groundbreaking idea to provide guidance without sacrificing profits.

Introducing the Mentoring tab on her website, Brandi unleashed a wealth of knowledge, sharing her secrets, tips, and techniques to inspire others. With a generous spirit, she selflessly offers great mentoring sessions covering an array of topics, from camera settings and flat lays to on-camera flash techniques, social media strategies, website reviews, workflow optimization, software and app recommendations, and pricing insights. Brandi’s unyielding commitment to seeing others succeed proves that success is best shared, not hoarded. Her empowering photography journey showcases the boundless possibilities that arise when talent meets the desire to lift others to greater heights.

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2. John Branch IV

infographic stating John Branch IV is committed to offering technical and business advice to photographers

Embarking on an inspiring journey as a wedding photography educator, John Branch IV has seamlessly woven teaching into the fabric of his photography business. What began as a personal passion soon evolved into a thriving additional leg of his enterprise, with his YouTube channel serving as a powerful platform for his educational endeavors

John’s commitment to sharing knowledge led him to create comprehensive courses that have garnered immense popularity, and he continues to develop new avenues to empower fellow photographers. As a full-time wedding photographer, he devotes a significant portion of his time to teaching others, a testament to his unwavering dedication to the growth and success of aspiring creatives. Remarkably, John’s passion for photography education has transformed his approach to photography, prompting him to scale back on the number of weddings he takes to focus on guiding and nurturing others in the field.

Through his teachings, he aspires to foster excellence in not only the technical aspects of photography but also the development of creative entrepreneurship. John’s true calling lies in assisting others in running their photography businesses, emphasizing essential skills like exemplary customer service, effective communication with clients, and learning when to set boundaries. As John teaches photographers and mentors them, his impact resonates far beyond his lens, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and careers of aspiring photographers.

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3. Sara France

a wedding couple kissing on a beach and the bridal veil is being blown by the wind
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @sarafrance

Sara France’s journey as a wedding photography educator is nothing short of inspiring. With over 20 years of experience as an international-award-winning photographer, she has achieved numerous milestones in her career, including being a member of the exclusive Sony Artisans of Imagery and starting and successfully running three distinct photography brands. And now, Sara wants to help other photographers achieve their own success.

Through her transparent approach, she shares her go-to resources for gear, photos, and small businesses, including her most-recommended cameras, favorite business apps, and indispensable editing and printing services. She knows firsthand how challenging it can be to forge a solo career path in this industry, and she’s committed to helping others avoid those same obstacles. Sara’s generosity extends beyond resources, too – she also shares her hard-won knowledge through videos and podcasts, giving aspiring photographers a wealth of information at their fingertips.

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4. Sue Bryce Education

infographic stating Sue Bryce Education is a one stop shop for everything related to wedding and portrait photography

Sue Bryce Education is a visionary platform that stems from Sue Bryce’s dream to encompass every aspect of photography. Since its inception around 2015–2016, it has blossomed into a comprehensive one-stop hub for all things photography, backed by the expertise of Nikki Closser, host of The Portrait System podcast, powered by Sue Bryce Education, and who has been an integral part of the team since 2012. 

The platform houses over a thousand videos, not just showcasing Sue in action but also featuring other esteemed instructors. Posing, a cornerstone of the platform, empowers photographers to capture their subjects with confidence and showcase their best selves. With videos on styling, Sales Intensive, and Marketing Intensive, Sue leaves no stone unturned for wedding photographers, guiding them to excel in marketing, selling, and networking. The platform’s abundant resources on lighting, posing, and people resonate deeply with wedding photographers as they navigate through diverse scenarios during wedding shoots.

With Sue Bryce Education/The Portrait Masters, you can find a treasure trove of knowledge, not just on photographing weddings but also portrait photography. This invaluable resource opens doors to new business opportunities. Sue Bryce’s mastery inspires photographers to embrace the world of light and pose, creating unforgettable moments that truly stand the test of time.

5. KT Merry

infographic stating KT Merry empowers photographers with essential business knowledge

KT Merry’s journey to becoming a wedding photography educator has been marked by a dedication to understanding the business side of her profession. She admits that it wasn’t until recently that she began to truly delve into the numbers, but now business education has become a monthly review and an area that she is genuinely passionate about. 

With KT Merry Education, this luxury destination wedding and editorial photographer aspires to help fellow photographers enhance their skills and build profitable and purposeful businesses with intent and purpose. The mission is to achieve mastery in photography while creating an irresistible business. She seeks to educate other photographers about the crucial components of business, like costs, margins, profits, and tax rates. With her newly found zeal for crunching numbers, she is prepared to guide others through these important aspects of the wedding photography industry and help them reach their desired goals!

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In the captivating realm of wedding photography education, we’ve delved into the journeys of remarkable educators who not only excel in the art form of photography but also share their expertise with passion and dedication. These photography educators have shown us that sharing knowledge not only enriches the lives of others but also elevates the entire industry to new heights of excellence. 

Whether you are looking to improve your skills or thinking about sharing your expertise with others, there are many resources available to help you along the way. From self-learning about wedding photography equipment to attending wedding photography classes at the wedding school, there are endless opportunities to advance your knowledge and be one step ahead of the competition. So, keep exploring, keep learning, and keep inspiring others with your passion for wedding photography.

At ShootDotEdit, we are passionate about helping you elevate your craft and wedding photography business. And to help give you more time to do that, we take editing off your plate with our professional photo editing services. To learn more about how we can help, check out our pricing plans.

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Why Wedding Photography? Inspiring Stories By Wedding Pros

Professional wedding photography draws in photographers from all walks of life, each with a unique story about why wedding photography was their calling. The reasons are varied, ranging from a love of capturing beautiful moments to an opportunity to showcase their experience level in working with people and emotions. Regardless of their motivation, the goal remains the same – to capture the love and joy of the wedding day in a way that feels timeless and unique. This blog will take you through the personal journeys of skilled wedding photographers, revealing why they chose wedding photography as their vocation. So, why wait? Let their stories inspire you!

Why Wedding Photography? Inspirational Stories By ShootDotEdit Customers

Every wedding photographer has a unique ‘why’ that fuels their passion, a compelling reason that leads them to capture love stories through their lenses. So, let’s delve into the exploration of ‘why wedding photography?’ and uncover the inspirations behind these professionals’ choices.

1. K. Lenox Photography

a couple sharing a close moment under the wedding veil in their wedding attire
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @klenoxphotography 

Kristen Lenox’s, the mastermind behind K. Lenox Photography, ‘why wedding photography’ moment happened when she was a geriatric nurse. She noticed that in their final moments, her patients’ loved ones often brought in photographs instead of flowers or gifts. These images weren’t mere mementos; they were stories frozen in time. The significance of these moments captured through a lens struck a chord with Kristen. “They brought photos that told stories, and I liked that aspect of it. I liked how important it was,” she recalls, underscoring why photographs are important.

When her husband gifted her a Canon Rebel Ti, her desire to master the art of photography intensified. “I wanted to learn everything. I wanted to learn how to make the background blurry. I wanted to learn everything, so I just dug in,” she shares. Kristen embarked on a learning spree, enrolling in an online course with the New York Institute of Photography, attending seminars, reading blogs, and taking classes with a local nature photographer. Even today, she continues to invest in learning, a testament to her dedication to her craft.

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2. Melissa Fe Chapman Photography

a wedding couple kissing while the sun is shining from in between them
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @melissafechapmanphotography

Melissa Fe Chapman, a SoCal and destination wedding photographer, has been transforming love stories into enchanting visuals and creating magic with her camera since 2013. Interestingly, even before her dream of becoming a professional wedding photographer came into focus, she was the go-to photographer among friends and family. The turning point in Melissa’s journey to becoming a wedding photographer began in 2013 when she took maternity photos for her best friend. This experience kindled a passion for photography that she hadn’t fully recognized until then. From that spark, she built a thriving business that encapsulates love, life, family, and beauty in images. 

Melissa finds joy in photographing precious moments in people’s lives that bring them genuine happiness. She celebrates love in all its forms, making her wedding photography brand inclusive and welcoming to all. Her story is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and the remarkable journey that can unfold when you do.

3. Brandi Allyse Photo

a wedding couple kissing standing on a meadow
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

Brandi Salerno, the proud owner of Brandi Allyse Photo, explains why wedding photography became her chosen career path. Her journey started at Texas State University, where she completed her degree in photography in 2009. Initially, wedding photography seemed too overwhelming to her, and as a result, she chose to stick with what made her comfortable: portraiture. For about three years, she dedicated herself to this genre, perfecting her skills and solidifying her foundation in photography.

A significant turning point came in 2011 when Brandi got married. She was captivated by her wedding photographer’s work and persona, viewing her as a celebrity of sorts. When this photographer was in need of a second shooter, Brandi seized the opportunity, stepping into a role that would change her perspective on wedding photography. For several years, she worked under the mentorship of her wedding photographer, gaining invaluable hands-on experience. She shot around 100 weddings during this period. This experience played a crucial role in boosting her confidence to venture into wedding photography independently.

The question of ‘how to become a wedding photographer’ often perplexes many! While the answer varies for everyone, Brandi’s journey demonstrates that it can be a combination of formal education, initial hands-on experience in related fields, and mentorship under an experienced wedding photographer. 

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4. Stephanie Heymann Photography

Stephanie Heymann’s journey toward becoming a wedding photographer is an inspiring tale of passion and perseverance. It all began with her father’s 35mm Canon camera! The weight of the camera, the click of the shutter, and the whole experience sparked a love for photography in Stephanie when she was just a child. This love simmered through her high school years spent in the darkroom and persisted as she explored other paths like teaching and working at a magazine.

About 17 years ago, Stephanie decided to fully embrace her passion for photography. She jumped in with both feet and embarked on a journey that led her to become a successful photographer. Over the years, Stephanie honed her skills in various types of photography, from family photos and headshots to Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. However, the realization to choose wedding photography came after photographing babies. “Although I felt like I was good at it, I didn’t have this deep love of photographing babies. I appreciate it, and I did enjoy it. I am a mom, and I love babies. I think there are other people out there who do it so much better and could put so much more time into honing that skill,” says Stephanie. This insight showed her the importance of specialization in wedding photography.

Today, Stephanie is the talented owner of Stephanie Heymann Photography and dedicates most of her time to weddings while still capturing family and senior photos.

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5. Erin Morrison Photography

a wedding couple holding hands walking through a door
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

As the owner of Erin Morrison Photography, Erin Morrison is an inspiration to all aspiring wedding photographers. Her love for this art form started with her own wedding photographers, whom she found to be incredibly talented. As Erin puts it, “I thought that what they did was pretty darn cool, and I felt like it would be the perfect creative outlet for me.” From there on, photographing weddings was something she wanted to do. Erin couldn’t contain her excitement about it, and after numerous discussions with her husband, James, he surprised her with her first camera – a moment that changed everything for her.

Today, Erin Morrison is a pro wedding photographer and has captured over 300 weddings. She understands the importance of capturing every detail – each smile and tear – that make these moments so unforgettable. She believes that wedding photography is more than just taking pictures; it’s about documenting the couple’s love and their special day to create everlasting memories. Erin has an extensive portfolio of beautiful and captivating photography that showcases her talents and passion for her work. Alongside this remarkable achievement, Erin has also consumed over 1700 chai teas, a testament to her love for the aromatic beverage!

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Despite the diversity in their wedding photography styles and the myriad of wedding photography ideas they bring to life, they all share a common thread – a commitment to make each couple’s wedding day a memorable tableau of joy and affection. This ‘why’ is not just a motive; it’s the heartbeat of their artistry, influencing every shot, every angle, and every moment they document.

At ShootDotEdit, we are committed to helping you grow your wedding photography business. And to help you with that, we lessen your post-production workload with our professional photo editing services that match your style. To learn more about how we can help, check out our pricing plans.

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How to Stay Calm Under Pressure As A Wedding Photographer: Insights From ShootDotEdit Customers

You might be wondering, “What if my clients aren’t as calm and friendly as I hope? What if unexpected challenges push me out of my comfort zone?” Fear not, we’ve got you covered with some helpful insights on how to stay calm under pressure straight from our amazing ShootDotEdit customers. Cold sweats, sleepless nights, and headaches might be all too familiar to you! As a wedding photographer, the pressure is on to capture precious memories flawlessly and deliver the final results on time. To help you out, we have these amazing tips that’ll guide you in managing tasks and maintaining impulse control. So, grab a beverage of choice and discover wedding photography tips on how you can respond to any situation with professionalism and keep calm under pressure.

What’s Photography Anxiety?

infographic stating photography anxiety is the feeling of stress due to factors like high expectations and demanding clients

Wedding photography anxiety can sneak up on even the most seasoned professionals in the industry. From meticulous planning to the unpredictable nature of weddings, it’s no wonder anxiety can creep in. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of uncontrollable factors, channel that energy to prepare and keep everything set in advance. A calm photographer can navigate through different work environments and respond to situations with ease. The key is to stay present, delegate tasks when possible, and find moments to breathe amid the chaos. If you remain calm, you can conquer the challenges that come your way and ensure that every picture reflects the beauty and joy of the occasion.

How To Stay Calm Under Pressure: Insights From Wedding Photographers

1. Overcome Self-Doubt & Embrace Imperfection

infographic stating save a positive mindset, accept imperfections, and let your passion for photography guide you

In the competitive industry of wedding photography, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of comparing oneself to others. Kristen Lenox, the owner of K. Lenox Photography, understands this struggle all too well. She candidly reveals, “You are always comparing yourself to everyone else. Like, ‘Oh s%!#, why didn’t I think of that? Oh, damn. That was really good. Why did I get that angle?’ It’s so easy to feel like you’re not a legit photographer.” However, Kristen’s wisdom lies in her ability to embrace imperfections and overcome self-doubt.

Her secret on how to stay calm under pressure as a photographer lies in her genuine love for what she does. She radiates joy and passion, earning her numerous compliments from clients who notice her infectious smile and the fun she exudes during a wedding. “It’s work; don’t get me wrong. But you have to love it if you want to be asked back.”

In an industry obsessed with achieving perfection, Kristen chooses to tell real stories through her lens. She seeks out imperfections, recognizing that they hold a certain charm and authenticity. She’s a shining example of a “girl boss,” reminding us of the value of embracing our individuality and imperfections. Kristen’s words of wisdom on staying calm under pressure as a wedding photographer begins with accepting ourselves, finding beauty in imperfections, and wholeheartedly embracing our passion. So, the next time self-doubt, anxiety, or anger tries to creep in, try to remember your genuine love for photography and let it guide you.

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2. Recall Learnings From Past Experiences

As wedding photographers, learning how to stay calm under pressure is a skill that can make all the difference, and Brandi Salerno of Brandi Allyse Photo has honed this ability. Understanding the inherent stress that comes with wedding planning, Brandi strives to be the calming and enjoyable element of her clients’ big day. Brandi’s own journey as a wedding photographer has been shaped by her experience as a second shooter. Watching her mentor in action, she learned invaluable lessons about directing clients, adhering to tight timelines, and capturing stunning portraits. 

Passionate about second shooting, she encourages others, “Shoot weddings and learn! Whether you’re second shooting weddings, reaching out to people for second shoots, or even assisting photographers, just watching somebody and getting the learning experience is incredibly useful!” By learning from your own experiences and gaining insights through second shooting, you can navigate high-pressure situations with calm and confidence.

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3. Divide & Conquer

infographic photography quote by Dana and Nate of Lovers of Love

For husband and wife team Dana and Nate of Lovers of Love, their secret on how to stay calm under pressure includes dividing and conquering their workload. This dynamic duo has built a successful photography brand by implementing smart business practices and maintaining a positive mindset. Their mantra, “Focus On The Good,” is not only a reflection of their approach to life but also their thriving business.

With communication as their cornerstone, they ensure to remain on the same page and work seamlessly as a team. Dana excels in tasks like culling, client communications, bookkeeping, maintaining shot lists and timelines, marketing, and crafting captivating image captions. On the other hand, Nate’s attention to detail and business acumen make him perfect for handling pricing, networking, vendor relationships, logistics, sales, lead generation, office supplies, equipment management, and business evaluation. 

While finding a partner who complements your skills is an ideal scenario, there’s still a solution to lighten the load. Hiring a second shooter or an assistant can still alleviate a lot of stress and help evenly distribute the workload, preventing burnout. The key is to delegate tasks and trust in the abilities of your teammates.

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4. Nervousness Is Not A Sign Of Weakness

Flavio Debarros, the owner of Flavio D Photography, emphasizes that it’s perfectly okay to feel nervous, regardless of experience or success. In fact, he sees nervousness as a normal part of the process and advises newcomers not to view it as a weakness. He says, “I try to approach every wedding as art. It’s a high-stress environment. I’m sweating, my heart’s pounding, but I’m in the game.”

The professional photographer also believes that relying too much on platforms like Pinterest can stifle your creativity and prevent you from embracing your own vision. He adds, “I love it when I shoot at a new venue. The challenge! I love to not look at their website. People say all the time that you ‘go to that spot and shoot your couple over there’ because they saw it that way online. I’m like, I don’t even want to hear that. I don’t want to shoot what everyone else is shooting in the same way. That’s not my goal.” Flavio’s words serve as a reminder that being original is not only a strength but also a key ingredient in creating exceptional and authentic wedding photographs.

5. Practice Makes Perfect

infographic stating overcome photography anxiety and nervousness by practicing and honing your craft

Pro wedding photographer Robb McCormick, the creative force behind Robb McCormick Photography, understands the value of practice and honing one’s craft to perfection. With hundreds of weddings under his belt, Robb’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. He has faced confusion and uncertainty on numerous occasions, but he firmly believes that it is through dedicated practice that he has reached where he is today. 

As Robb puts it, “It’s not just talent but hard work that makes a truly great photographer.” He encourages aspiring photographers to develop their own ‘bag of tricks’ through consistent and deliberate practice. Robb’s advice on how to stay calm under pressure is clear: practice, practice, practice. By dedicating time and effort to perfecting their skills, photographers can build a repertoire of techniques and approaches that work for them. This self-discovered bag of tricks becomes their go-to resource in challenging situations, allowing them to navigate the pressures of a wedding day with confidence and ease.

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When it comes to navigating challenging situations as a photographer, there are plenty of strategies and insights that can guide you through. Our ShootDotEdit customers have generously shared their expert tips, and they serve as a roadmap for maintaining composure in the face of stress. It’s important to embrace imperfections, overcome self-doubt, recall learnings from past experiences, divide the workload, and practice and hone your art on a daily basis. Remember, even if you’re dealing with a situation that you’re unfamiliar with, chances are that you’ll come up with a solution. Lastly, remember to always believe in yourself because you’ve got this!

At ShootDotEdit, we are passionate about helping you hone your craft! And we help with that by taking editing off your plate with our professional photo editing services, giving you more time to learn new skills. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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Tips For Beginner Photographers By Flavio DeBarros

Are you a beginner wedding photographer looking to break into this highly competitive industry? Start your wedding photography business on the right foot with these top tips for beginner photographers. Flavio DeBarros, leading wedding photographer and owner of Flavio D Photography, is here to share with you his all-time best business tips that will set you up on the right track! In this essential blog post, you’ll learn how to build your photography brand, market it effectively, hone your craft, and expand your reach through networking. Discover valuable tips for beginner photographers to take your business to new heights!

Tips For Beginner Photographers To Scale Your Business

1. Maintain Your Brand Originality

a couple posing while the bride is making funny faces from behind
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @flavio_d_photography 

Talent alone won’t cut it in photography; you need a brand that speaks volumes! Flavio DeBarros, an industry professional, stresses the need to stay true to your brand. Whether you specialize in high-end weddings or baby showers, your portfolio needs to showcase your niche. Keep your focus clear and your brand cohesive. 

Also, as you’re just getting into photography, Flavio suggests not letting Pinterest and other online platforms stifle your creativity. One of the most important tips for beginner photographers is to embrace the challenge of a new venue. Sure, it’s tempting to check out what other professional photographers have done at a particular venue, but Flavio suggests ditching that mentality altogether. As he puts it, “That’s not my goal.” Instead, tap into your own unique perspective and capture the moments that matter most to you and your clients.

2. Blogging For More Bookings

Blogging is one of the effective tips for wedding photography beginners looking to book more weddings. Blogging about unique venues and experiences can get you ranked higher on search engines and attract more clients. Plus, you could get photos published, which clients love. So take a cue from Flavio and start blogging about your experiences to share your work with the world and potentially grow your business.

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3. Catapult Your Career: Create A Community

a couple posing in a narrow stone corridor in their wedding attire
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @flavio_d_photography 

Wedding photography is about community building, not just networking. And establishing relationships is one of the most important tips for beginner photographers. So, it’s important to connect with professionals from the industry, such as planners or art directors, in person or on social media. Your stunning photos can be shared by advocates in your community to reach the right people. Attending events and following publications on Instagram can help you build connections and feel more comfortable in the industry. Flavio DeBarros recognizes the importance of building relationships, and so should you. Get out there and shake some hands!

4. Protect Your Passion From Liabilities

Perfecting your craft and building your brand are important. But don’t forget about protecting them! Wedding photography industry expert Flavio DeBarros stresses the importance of liability insurance – this is one of the essential tips for beginner photographers. This insurance not only safeguards your business but may also be mandatory for certain venues. It is vital to inform your potential clients about this requirement. As Flavio emphasizes, having liability insurance is a necessity that ensures your success and peace of mind.

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5. Keep Off The Buying Temptation

infographic stating apply the try-before-you-buy scheme to experience a range of gear without the hefty price tag

Investing in new photography gear is a big commitment, especially for those just starting out. Renting equipment can be a great way to try before you buy, allowing you to experiment with different styles and camera settings and build your skills without breaking the bank. Even industry experts, such as Flavio DeBarros, still rent lenses. Renting can benefit photographers. It’s important to prioritize and stay within your budget, so don’t let the allure of shiny new equipment cloud your judgment. 

6. Find The Sweet Pricing Spot

As you’re getting started with photography, it can be challenging to find the right balance when it comes to pricing your work. You don’t want to undersell, but you don’t want to overprice yourself either. 

Industry professional, Flavio DeBarros advises you to do your research by looking at what other photographers in your area charge. Remember, everyone is your potential client, so put yourself out there and show off your skills! With confidence and savvy wedding photography pricing strategies, you’ll be booking weddings in no time. Don’t short-change yourself! You have the creativity and skill, so own it!

7. Secret To Business Success: Outsourcing

a couple posing standing on the front lawn
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @flavio_d_photography 

As a true believer in working on the business rather than in it, Flavio outsources a lot of his work to let the experts handle it and allow himself to focus more on his photography skills. And why not? Outsourcing can help you stay organized and stress-free by taking over those daunting business tasks. 

So, as someone just starting out in the wedding photography business, consider taking Flavio’s advice and leaving business management to the experts. Case in point, Flavio DeBarros, calls ShootDotEdit his secret weapon for quality color correction. It’s essential to have an expert eye on your work, and outsourcing photo editing will ensure that you’re delivering your clients the best possible product. Plus, it’ll give you time to focus on other aspects of your business. Win-win, right!?

Bonus Tip: Wedding Photography Tips For Beginners

One of the tips for photographing is that you get comfortable with the basics of photography and master it. Basic photography tips include mastering your camera’s built-in zoom lens, understanding camera settings like shutter speed, and knowing how much light to use to achieve sharp photos. Portrait photography tips and landscape photography both come in handy during weddings to capture different perspectives of the event. Don’t forget to utilize the golden hour for outdoor wedding shoots! Further, experiment with your camera’s built-in flash for indoor shots. Finally, to ensure great results, make sure you have all of the essential photography tips, including effective camera techniques and adequate preparation to have a seamless and enjoyable experience.

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a wedding bride posing in her bridal attire
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @flavio_d_photography 

Navigating the world of professional wedding photography as a beginner can be intimidating. Well, fret not! These tips for beginner photographers are here to help you. To build a successful photography business, capture photos that tell a story and develop a unique style. It’s essential to share your work online and create a portfolio website to increase your visibility. Additionally, remain adaptable, embrace challenges, and continuously learn.

Following the above-mentioned business and photography tips for beginners will ensure you’re equipped with the right tools to take your business to new heights. To learn more about Flavio D Photography, check out its website, Facebook page or Instagram.

ShootDotEdit is committed to assisting you in expanding your wedding photography business. Our professional editing services are one way we accomplish this goal. To learn more about our offerings, please explore our pricing plans.

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5 Pillars Of Brandi Allyse Photo’s Client-Centric Photography Business Plan

infographic stating 5 pillars of Brandi Allyse Photos client centric photography business plan

Not too long ago, we shared the inspiring journey of Brandi Salerno, photographer extraordinaire and the creative force behind Brandi Allyse Photo. During our conversation, the photographer recounted how she went from doing only portraiture to working as a second shooter at weddings to becoming a professional, full-time wedding photographer. And for someone who didn’t think it was in her “nature to be a businesswoman”, she dropped some pretty valuable business advice too. One of the many impressive aspects of her photography business plan is her ability to provide top-notch photography and unmatched customer service. In this featured photographer story, she spills the secrets on how she makes it all come together so flawlessly.

Brandi Allyse Photo’s 5 Pillars Of A Photography Business Plan

Brandi is an expert at creating loyal customers, delivering great customer experiences, and generating steady revenue through an effective social media marketing strategy. Whether you’re interested in learning how to start your own photography business or how to build a dedicated customer base, or launching your photography business marketing efforts, her photography business plan can provide valuable insights that you can apply to your own business.

1. Building Trust And Loyalty With An Incomparable Client Experience

a wedding groom holding the bride while she is leaning back looking at each other
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

ShootDotEdit: You and your couples always seem to have a good time together. How do you go about creating a unique and exceptional client experience? Do you put in any extra effort to do that?

Brandi: When it comes to client experience, I always try to think outside the box. One thing I’ve been doing lately is creating welcome boxes for my clients. These boxes constantly evolve as I try new ideas and source unique items from different places. For instance, I often order custom gifts from Etsy or even create them myself. To make the boxes even more special, I add personalized stickers and branded items that I get from Amazon. Etsy holds a special place in my heart since I love supporting small businesses. 

Most of the items inside the box are catered toward brides, although I also include items for grooms. For instance, I’ll send fuzzy socks, fun glasses, candles, face masks, and ChapStick, among other things. I truly believe that these small touches help create a feeling of friendship with my clients. In the end, that’s what matters the most to me. 

ShootDotEdit: Wow! Those boxes sound so amazing! Is there anything else you do to ensure that your clients have nothing but a seamless, worry-free experience with you?

Brandi: I am always mindful of the impression I leave on my clients. It means a lot to me that we develop a connection that is more than just a business transaction. I strive to create a friendship with my clients that is personal and comfortable. I understand that not everyone in the industry agrees with this approach, but it’s simply how I prefer to operate. 

To foster this friendly relationship, I often give my clients my cell phone number after confirming their booking. I encourage them to text me anytime they need to and to keep our communication open and proactive. Of course, we also use HoneyBook to keep our professional correspondence organized. I understand just how stressful the wedding planning process can be. Therefore, I always aim to be the non-stressful and enjoyable aspect of their big day, and I am here to make it a memorable and fun experience. My goal is to ensure every client has an unforgettable experience they cannot help but tell their friends and family about. 

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ShootDotEdit: It’s clear that your relationship with your clients means a lot to you. What about building trust with your clients? Is that a part of your workflow as well?

Brandi: Building trust is crucial to attracting and retaining clients. It starts right from the moment prospects get their first glimpse of you, possibly on social media platforms like Instagram, where your face is visible. The way you showcase yourself goes a long way in establishing trust, even before clients have made an inquiry. Building trust is a constant endeavor as a professional and involves you being diligent when incorporating it into your workflows. While some people may not actively think about it, they still manage to build trust naturally. It has to be there to ensure clients feel comfortable and valued.

2. The Power Of Personal Connection

a close up shot of a couple holding hands and their wedding ring is in focus
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

ShootDotEdit: What else is a part of your repertoire when it comes to offering a great client experience?

Brandi: When I’m hired for engagement sessions, I start by giving my clients some helpful tips on what to wear and an overview of the session with me. I have a brochure on HoneyBook that offers some ideas and suggestions that they find helpful. Once we have the session, I aim to deliver the photos within four weeks or sooner, keeping in mind the underpromise and overdeliver mantra. I always try to surprise my clients with sneak peeks sooner than expected and more photos than they anticipate. I don’t make bold promises; it’s all about delivering more than they expect!

When it comes to wedding days, I love helping my clients build a photo timeline. While planners are often doing this as well, I like to offer my specific preferences on the timeline. This allows the couples to get answers to questions from their vendors, such as hair and makeup artists, who need to know when everything is happening.

ShootDotEdit: Sounds like you really go the extra mile for your couples. Do you often help them plan their wedding day timelines? What does that process look like?

Brandi: In the initial conversations with couples after they’ve booked my services, I always mention that I’m available to help them put together a timeline for their big day. Whether they’re wondering how to go about the timeline or have any other questions related to their photography budget for wedding, I’m here to help. With a quick analysis of just a few critical pieces of information like their ceremony time, exit time, and sunset time and specifics like whether or not they would want to have a first look, etc., I’m able to create a comprehensive schedule that ensures their day runs smoothly. Once we have the timeline, it’s easy to go back and forth with their planner for adjustments.

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3. Creating Content For Social Media

a collage of a series of wedding first look images
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

ShootDotEdit: Keeping up with social media and its ever-changing trends can be quite challenging for a wedding photographer. How do you manage to do it all so well?

Brandi: I believe in taking a proactive approach to social media, keeping in mind that potential clients may be watching. Personally, I don’t segregate my business and personal accounts, and my social media presence reflects who I am, what I’m passionate about, and what I have to offer. Social media is a tool to establish rapport and credibility right from the get-go. It provides a glimpse into your personality, interests, and expertise – all critical components that can only help impress potential clients. Staying true to my values, I remain authentic in my interactions, and underpromise and overdeliver!

ShootDotEdit: Tell us a little bit about your social media tactics. Would you say that Instagram is your go-to platform to attract potential clients?

Brandi: I have a TikTok account, but I still need to get more active there; that’s something I need to work on! But yes, Instagram is my number one. I spend a lot of time crafting engaging content, which has paid off as that is where most of my inquiries come from. On my contact form, when I ask clients about how they heard about me, the response is either through word-of-mouth or Instagram.

ShootDotEdit: Do you have a specific strategy when it comes to creating content for Instagram?

Brandi: I always strive to keep my story interesting and engaging, with something new every day. Stories take little effort to make, and the content can be as simple as what you had for breakfast or a photo you love. The best part about them is that they only last 24 hours before disappearing – it’s just a short glimpse into someone’s life. 

For photo posts, I don’t think one’s profile needs to be carefully curated to be enjoyable. If there’s a photo you love, post it. Don’t feel like you have to think too hard about which photo would look best next to the other images; that just seems like much work for me! 

I’m trying to film more Reels. Every week or two, I set aside one day to focus on getting multiple Reels done to have a good batch ready. My goal w.r.t. to my photography business plan is to get to a place where I can do this more consistently and efficiently. With some thoughtful planning, there are times when I can record 5 or 10 Reels in a single day.

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ShootDotEdit: How do you plan and record something with precision and detail? Is it like an actor’s performance where all elements from lighting to props, plot lines, and costumes have to be carefully developed beforehand, or can you get away with a few takes until you’re satisfied?

Brandi: Absolutely! A lot of people don’t find it easy to take on this kind of task. I’m a perfectionist, so I can’t just do one take and be like, “That’s good enough.” If I’m lip-syncing a video with audio, I’ll spend hours ensuring it is perfect. You have to work at this – it’s not like you’re naturally gifted in acting, where things come easily, and you can quickly move on to the next thing. You also have to research what you want to do and draw inspiration from audio clips and how others have used them. 

ShootDotEdit: We know for a fact that you are super active on Instagram. How much time do you usually dedicate to creating content specifically for your social media channels?

Brandi: I usually dedicate around two hours to social media activities. During this time, I research things that catch my interest, such as watching live streams from my favorite photographers to learn and stay up-to-date with the latest trends. I usually post content every other day, and at this point, I’m regularly creating Reels for my followers. Creating content for Stories is the most interesting part of social media for me, so I dedicate lots of time and thought to developing eye-pleasing content, such as filming my everyday activities.

I’ve linked my Instagram to Facebook to share my posts automatically. I’m not very active on Facebook, as I’ve realized that my potential clients are finding me on Instagram. Currently, TikTok and Snapchat aren’t my focus areas. Instead, I’m more focused on sharing Reels, Stories, and posts on Instagram. 

ShootDotEdit: Do you plan out your Stories the way you plan out your Reels? 

Brandi: I don’t usually have a plan for my Stories until something comes to me. For example, the other day, I had the idea of creating a series of posts on frequently asked questions that I hadn’t shared yet. That’s something I’ve been planning out over the last few days.

ShootDotEdit: How long have you been using social media for your brand?

Brandi: For the last five years, I’ve been utilizing social media to promote my photography business. But in the last two years, I’ve really doubled down on this strategy. It was around this time that social media started to take off, particularly with the emergence of Reels, and that’s when I began participating and contributing. Since then, I’ve seen significant growth, and my work has garnered increased attention, leading to even more bookings. I’ve had clients reach out to me after seeing my videos. Just recently, someone said they saw my Reel and requested I shoot their wedding. And these will always be really special moments for me!

4. The Art Of Networking With Vendors: Brandi’s Photography Business Plan

a bridal wedding dress hanging from a large wooden door
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

ShootDotEdit: So, besides Instagram, what other channels and strategies are part of your marketing plan to attract more leads?

Brandi: One aspect of my business that I absolutely love discussing is being a top-pick vendor. Getting on a preferred vendor list is a part of establishing great relationships with the venues and wedding planners I frequently work with. It is also an important part of my photography business plan. After a shoot, I send them a gallery and ask if they have a preferred vendor list that they could add me to. This has been an effective way to grow my network and reach more clients. 

I mention these two points – happy clients spreading the word and establishing solid relationships with venues and planners because photographers are amongst the top 3 or 4 things that are first planned, booked, or bought in a wedding planning process. A bride’s priority when planning her special day is buying a dress, picking a date, booking a venue, getting a planner, and securing a photographer. Collaborating with other industry professionals, such as dress shops, can also be beneficial as they can refer photographers to their friends and clients. I have previously worked with a local Dallas dress shop that speaks highly of me to their clients. Maintaining these kinds of relationships in the wedding industry is essential to achieve continued success.

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ShootDotEdit: Is there a specific method you use to get on the vendor’s list? Perhaps a secret recipe?

Brandi: The biggest one I apply is shooting at venues and getting on their vendor list, which leads to more business. By sending galleries of my work to venues I have shot at, I can get on their preferred vendor list. This means everyone entering the venue will be exposed to my information. While I am not the only one on the list, being on multiple lists has been hugely beneficial in the DFW area. Essentially, venues are doing the marketing work for me by recommending me to potential clients. 

To get on these lists, I simply reach out to the venue with a friendly email showcasing my work and expressing my admiration for their space. In my experience, it never hurts to ask. Even if the answer is no, it’s worth a try! As much as I would love to be on every single one, I like to keep track of the venues and planners that I know are potentially being booked before me. This way, I can stay organized and prepared for any upcoming gigs. 

5. It’s All About The Clients

a silhouette of a couple standing closely and touching their noses
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

ShootDotEdit: Besides your exceptional organization, communication, and photography skills, is there anything else that you bring with you on a wedding day?

Brandi: My dance moves. My sister, who is also a wedding photographer, and I, when we shoot together, we dance a lot at the reception. That’s the thing that people think about, and they think, “Oh, yeah! They are so great, and they dance and help with the vibe on the dance floor!” We’ve made it our thing, and guests always remember us for it. It adds to the fun and lively atmosphere of the reception, and couples love it when we join in on the fun. When you’ve built a relationship with a couple like this, it creates a bond that can last long after the wedding is over.

ShootDotEdit: How do you ask for reviews from clients? Do you send a form or do it through email? How does it work?

Brandi: I don’t usually ask my clients to leave me reviews, but occasionally, I will share a Story asking for feedback from those who have worked with me previously. The Story will usually have a link for them to review their experience with me. However, I’m selective about who I send this message to, and it’s not the final email I send to all clients. Instead, it’s just a casual post on social media that will encourage people to talk about their positive experiences with me to their friends.

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professional wedding photographer Brandi Allyse holding a camera dancing at a wedding (photography business plan)

Brandi’s success in transitioning from portrait photography to full-time weddings is truly remarkable. Her tried-and-true wedding photography business strategies are worth noting and could help you create a successful photography business plan in the long run. Her approach to building genuine client relationships and leveraging the power of Instagram to expand her clientele are just a few examples of her expertise. While developing your unique business approach is crucial, utilizing a business plan template from a successful wedding photographer (like Brandi) you admire can also be beneficial. If you’re determined to succeed, seize this opportunity to re-evaluate your current plan or devise a new one that will increase your chances of achieving your goals!

Thank you, Brandi, for giving us your time and valuable advice on shaping a photography business plan! You can check out Brandi’s work on her Instagram, Facebook, or website.

At ShootDotEdit, we share our clients’ stories with you to inspire and demonstrate the power of outsourcing. If photo editing has become a tedious process for you, then it’s time to let us lighten your workload! To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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Best Business Practices For Photographers By Diane Nicole Photography

Being a professional photographer AND managing the day-to-day operations of a successful photography business is not an easy feat! To make this challenge easier for you, we’ve got the best business practices for photographers from none other than ShootDotEdit customer Diane Clifford, the visionary behind Diane Nicole Photography! In this blog, the full-time photographer and mother of two spills her top secrets on how to be a successful business owner. From staying organized to knowing your gear inside and out, Diane’s knowledge and resource for photographers is an absolute game-changer for anyone starting a photography business. So, grab a cup of coffee and a notebook, and get ready to elevate your business game!

5 Best Business Practices For Photographers

1. Start With Organizing Your Business

a wedding couple in their wedding attire sharing a close moment by cliffside
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dianenicolephoto

Being organized is a non-negotiable skill that photography business owners must develop in order to succeed. It allows you to keep track of client information, schedules, and deadlines, and also makes way for a smooth and stress-free workflow. While keeping track of all the details might seem daunting, being organized is one of the best business practices for photographers that all professionals will recommend. 

As Diane Clifford attests, organization is even more crucial once parenting comes into play. The added responsibility requires a renewed focus on keeping everything running smoothly. Clients will appreciate a photographer who is well-organized and detail-oriented. Taking the time to improve your organizational skills can elevate your business and set you apart from the competition. From scheduling to file keeping, streamlining your photography business workflow and maintaining business order is one of the vital professional business practices that will set you up for a successful photography career.

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2. Make The Most Of Your Time With Batch Work

Diane suggests that one of the best business practices for wedding photographers to manage the various tasks that come with being a creative professional and business owner is to adopt the habit of batch working. She shared with us how she uses her childcare days to ‘grind it out’ and complete as much work as possible. By doing so, she is able to focus on her family on their days and dedicate her workdays to her business. By implementing batch working into your own routine, you can also save time and focus on what matters most. As a wedding photographer, you can set aside dedicated time each week to complete similar tasks, such as editing and responding to emails. This will help you increase your efficiency and productivity.

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3. Unlock Professional Growth With A Mentor

a couple holding hands while the wedding ring is visible
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dianenicolephoto

Finding a mentor is one of the best professional photography business practices you can adopt as a wedding photographer. Diane, a seasoned photographer, particularly emphasizes the need for female photographers to have a mentor, someone to guide them and keep them motivated. 

When searching for a mentor, it’s important to look for someone whose style speaks to you. A mentor can guide you, help you avoid mistakes, and keep you motivated. While there are numerous ways to learn things online, having a mentor provides you with the follow-up and follow-through that you need. They’ve gone through the same journey before you and can help you achieve success in the wedding photography business. So if you’re looking to take your wedding photography career to the next level, consider finding a mentor to guide you.

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4. Master Your Skills With Complete Gear Knowledge

Getting acquainted with your equipment is undoubtedly one of the best business practices for photographers. It’s not just about investing in the latest camera model but rather taking time to read through the manual and familiarize yourself with every function and feature of your wedding photography gear. This advice from seasoned photographer Diane is invaluable and shouldn’t be overlooked. 

The more you understand your equipment, the more confident you’ll be when faced with challenging lighting conditions or unexpected events. So, take the time to get to know your gear and embrace all the incredible ways it can help you capture stunning images that will impress your clients.

5. Increase Productivity With Outsourcing

a newlywed couple kissing under the wedding veil
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dianenicolephoto

Managing both the creative and business end means you already have a lot on your plate. From consultations and shooting to post-production and marketing, there’s always something that demands your attention. But outsourcing can simplify your workflow and make your life so much easier. 

By handing off tasks, such as bookkeeping or album design or photo editing, you can focus on what you do best: Capturing beautiful moments. Outsourcing can also help with time management and turnaround times. Diane, for example, shares about outsourcing her post-production process and how it has allowed her to get final photos to her couples in a fraction of the time it would take her to do it all herself. So, take a cue from Diane and consider outsourcing to decrease your workload. Your business (and mind and body) will thank you!

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a couple running on the beach holding hands
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dianenicolephoto

Diane, a seasoned pro in the wedding photography industry, not only shares her game-changing photography best practices, but she also swears by them! Becoming a successful wedding photographer requires more than just having an eye for great shots. The secret to thriving in this industry lies within your business practices. Whether it’s batch working, finding a mentor, or knowing your photography gear, these steps will help increase efficiency and productivity while allowing you to focus on what really matters: Connecting with your clients and delivering memories for a lifetime.

One of Diane’s tips on best business practices for photographers is outsourcing photo-editing. Thanks to services like ShootDotEdit, Diane can speed up her post-production process and deliver final photos to her clients faster than ever before! Plus, she rests easy knowing that her photos are in good hands. As she says, “It’s worth every penny.” So, why let post-production slow you down? Follow Diane’s lead and get back to doing what you love most! To learn more about Diane Nicole Photography, check out her website, Facebook page, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Do you have too much post-production work to handle? ShootDotEdit can assist you with professional photo editing services to achieve your wedding photography goals, allowing you more time to concentrate on your craft. Check out our pricing plans to see how we can help grow your business.

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Outsourcing In Business: Lessons From Kristen Lenox

As a wedding photographer, you are responsible for capturing one of the most important days in someone’s life. And while it’s an incredibly rewarding job, running a successful wedding photography business can be quite challenging. There are so many moving parts, from booking clients to editing photos, marketing your business, and everything in between. That’s why outsourcing in business plays such an important role in your success as a wedding photography business owner. 

By outsourcing certain tasks, you can focus on doing what you love most while also growing your business and increasing your revenue. In this conversation with Kristen Lenox, the owner of K. Lenox Photography, she elaborates on why she loves to outsource, her advice for people wanting to start a photography business, and her favorite outsourcing partners. Plus, she shares a profound message for photographers who can’t let go of the control. So, let’s dive in!

Trusting The Process With ShootDotEdit

a wedding bride standing with the bridal bouquet in her hand
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @klenoxphotography

While the advantages of outsourcing photo editing are multifold, we are all too familiar with why photographers struggle to take the leap when it comes to outsourcing in business. From added expenses to finding the right partner, it can be tough and, at times, frustrating. But even with the challenges, outsourcing in business is a fantastic business practice to adopt if you want to grow. “Outsourcing costs money, but it opens you up to having more time to do other things,” says Kristen, adding, “For photographers who are trying to let go, it’s hard in the beginning. It’s a learning curve. It takes time to get the style down and right. It took me a while too.” 

It’s a natural human tendency for people to want to do everything themselves – especially when it comes to achieving perfection. Kristen herself has been in that position before, and when we ask her what she would say to photographers who’re not ready to give up the control, she replies, “When you’re outsourcing in business, it’s to make your job easier. I struggled with it, and I wish I did it sooner. What I will say is: Give it a chance. There’s going to be a lot of back and forth. There was one point where I almost quit and thought about just doing it myself. But honestly, I am not an editor. I am a photographer. You know how many times I re-edit my own work because I can’t get it the way I like it?” Our guess? Way too many. And according to our math, that’s too many hours spent in front of the computer instead of shooting more weddings or making more social media content, or going the extra mile for your clients. Outsourcing in business is what will enable you to get these hours back; to dedicate this time to truly nurture your business.  

So what is the best way to outsource? “Just trust the process. Don’t expect miracles overnight. Don’t expect perfection. I even tell my brides to not expect perfection. Work through it together as a team, and then eventually, it will settle in as part of your workflow. Trust the professionals who edit,” says Kristen, adding, “When I finally decided to let go, and I got back an engagement session, I was like, “Holy s*&%! This looks awesome! This is fantastic.” I let go, and I had time to hang out with friends right after I’d shot a wedding. When I first started, I used to work harder, not smarter. It took me 11 years to start working smarter.” 11 years is a long time, and if you don’t want to wait that long, we’d recommend that you try to outsource a basic task. See how it goes and evaluate what it does for you and your business. If you’re skeptical about outsourcing services, a good outsourcing practice would be to start small.

Kristen’s Favorite Outsourcing Partners

Even though it took her 11 years, Kristen now knows about the outsourcing advantages and outsources various aspects of her photography business, which allows her to have more time to do the things she loves, including scaling up her business, driving her kids around, networking, etc. While blogging and editing were two tasks that consumed most of her time, the light and airy wedding photographer now also outsources other important business tasks to reliable partners such as: 

1. Fotoskribe: One of her best investments, outsourcing blogging to Fotoskribe, helped Kristen not only get more consistent with blogging and her social media, but it is also a business process that has led to her getting more inquiries.

2. Showit: Kristen is a Showit girl. And she’s even gotten her friends to switch to this website-building platform. “I’ve been with Showit for years, and I will never stray,” she says.

3. Dubsado: When it comes to CRM (client relationship management), Kristen says she’s tried them all, adding, “They’re all fantastic in their own ways. But I am always trying to improve.” Questionnaires, schedules, contracts – this CRM does it all for her.

4. ClickUp: This photographer loves a good checklist, and she relies on ClickUp for checklists that help her get through her daily tasks.

5. QuickBook: Their mileage tracker is Kristen’s go-to. 

6. Fundy: This is what Kristen chooses to design her exquisite wedding albums. 

Kristen’s Gear Bag Must-Haves

While every wedding photographer has their favorites when it comes to gear, we enjoy putting them in a tough spot where they’re in a hypothetical situation where they can only and only bring four pieces of gear with them (including the camera body!). When we asked Kristen the same question, she had her answer ready to go! 

  • Gear #1: Canon R3 camera body
  • Gear #2: 85mm lens
  • Gear #3: 20-70mm
  • Gear #4: 1 flash

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Advice For Beginners Starting A Business

a groom fixing his cuffs
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @klenoxphotography

As someone who switched careers and built her own business from scratch, Kristen’s learned plenty of lessons as a small business owner. So, of course, we had to request Kris to drop some pearls of wisdom for those thinking about entering the world of wedding photography. “Get your ducks in a row. Get legal in your state, sort out your contracts, and make sure you have that done before anything else. Open a business bank account. Get an accountant who can help you with good bookkeeping. And double-check your business name. Make sure it’s not being used by anyone else, and it’s not too similar to anyone else’s,” she explains, adding, “If you’re really going all in, you need to have a website. A Facebook page is not a website. It might be okay at the beginning, but when you’re legitimizing your business, a website is important. You don’t need anything fancy, so don’t let that keep you from creating your webpage. Always remember to charge what you’re worth, and be honest about your skill set. Lastly, invest in a CRM. It’s important to have something to organize your leads and your workflows.”

It’s Never Too Late To Outsource

infographic quote by Kristen Lenox

It took Kristen 11 years to switch to outsourcing in business, and for others, it can take even longer. And that’s okay – it’s our job to make sure that you feel confident and comfortable enough to trust us and rely on us to get you and your clients exactly what is needed. If you are someone who wants to scale their wedding photography business, outsourcing tasks that don’t need your attention is one way to improve efficiency. The list of what jobs can be outsourced is long, but photo editing, culling, blogging, social media management, etc., are just a few business processes you could consider outsourcing right from the start.

Whether you want to take your business to the next level or want to be able to give your 100% attention to each couple, or simply want to spend more time with your family – wedding photo editing outsourcing can be the solution. The best photo editing partners will free up your time to do all this and more – you just have to find the right fit for your business.

To see more of K. Lenox Photography, check out her website, and you can also say hi to her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

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If Kristen’s story has inspired you to consider outsourcing your post-production workload, then we’re here to answer your questions and get you the help you seek! Our only aim is to empower wedding photographers to dedicate more time to doing only things they love. To learn more about how we can help you scale up your photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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Making A Career Switch To Wedding Photography: Success Stories

Photography is more than just a hobby for some people. It’s a way of life and a means of creative expression. Our customers at ShootDotEdit are proof of that. They’ve all embarked on a photography career path to turn their passion for photography into a full-time career as wedding photographers. Switching careers to wedding photography isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible. And these pros have proven that with dedication, hard work, and the right support, you can successfully transition to a wedding photography career you truly love. To celebrate their achievements, this blog features career change success stories of some of our highly-valued clients who changed job descriptions and followed their dreams. 

Wedding Photography Pros Who Made The Switch & Never Looked Back

1. From Being A Nurse To A Pro Photographer – Kristen Lenox

Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @klenoxphotography

Have you ever felt like you’re not doing what you were meant to do? A former geriatric nurse, Kristen Lenox, knew that feeling all too well. She had always been fascinated by photography but never thought it could become a career. That is until she saw firsthand the impact that pictures had on her patients’ lives. 

Kristen had always been interested in photography, ever since she was in high school, where she would photograph her friends with her Instamatic Kodak film camera. And it was when she received a Canon Rebel Ti from her husband that her passion for photography really took off.

Inspired by the power of photography, Kristen threw herself into learning everything she could about the creative arts. From online courses and seminars to tons of classes, she was determined to make her dream a reality. Fast forward to today, Kristen is now a successful wedding photographer and the business owner of her brand – K. Lenox Photography. Her journey reminds us that it’s never too late to pursue your passion and follow your dreams.

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2. From Self-Taught Engineer To Wedding Photographer – Flavio DeBarros

a couple posing while making funny faces
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @flavio_d_photography

Flavio DeBarros is the owner of Flavio D Photography, and his career change success story is a true inspiration for anyone looking to make a switch. He went from being a self-taught engineer in the mobile phone industry for over seven years to a pro wedding photographer. It all started with a simple family favor, where he photographed his cousin’s children and uploaded the pictures on Facebook. From there, he received a request to photograph someone else’s family, and after that, there was no looking back for Flavio. 

Realizing his passion for photography was still there, Flavio knew he needed a structured classroom environment to pursue it further. He enrolled in a two-year part-time program in photography at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts, which proved to be the turning point in his photography career path.

3. From Caterer To Vivacious Female Photographer – Diane Clifford

a couple portrait where the groom is kissing the bride by the beach
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @dianenicolephoto

Meet Diane, a seasoned professional in the wedding industry and owner of Diane Nicole Photography with more than 18 years of experience under her belt. Her journey began as a talented caterer but quickly evolved into something even more magical. It all started when a friend asked her to shoot their wedding in Florida, and from there, Diane was hooked. When she moved to Chico, CA, she began photographing more weddings for friends and soon discovered her love for capturing the joy, laughter, and love at weddings. Despite her initial fear, Diane worked hard and honed her skills, eventually charging what she was worth as a talented wedding photographer.

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4. A Couple’s Journey To Wedding Photography – Natalie & Brandon

a beautiful kissing shot of a couple beside a lake
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @studio_n_photography

Natalie and Brandon are a power couple with a passion for wedding photography. The dynamic husband and wife photography team based in Las Vegas run their business, Studio N Photography, which specializes in weddings and engagements. Natalie’s love for photography ignited at a young age, and after photographing her first wedding on film, she knew she had found her calling. She went on to study commercial photography at the Community College of Southern Nevada and launched her website soon after graduation in 2008. 

As for Brandon, he started his construction career, but when he met Natalie, he quickly discovered his passion for photography. He began second shooting for Natalie and eventually decided to dive deeper into the craft by taking the same photography course she did and to gain experience. The couple’s shared love for each other and for capturing love stories fuels their work every day. At Studio N Photography, they don’t just take pictures – they are true storytellers of love.

5. Becoming Of A Dynamic Wedding Photographer – Brandi Salerno

a close up image of a set of wedding rings
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @brandiallysephoto

Brandi Salerno’s photography career began after she graduated from Texas State University with a degree in photography in 2009. At first, she was hesitant to do weddings and opted for portraiture. But after her wedding in 2011, she fell in love with her wedding photographer, who she saw as a celebrity. 

When the photographer was looking for a second shooter, Brandi jumped at the opportunity and worked with her for several years, shooting about 100 weddings. This experience gave her the confidence to start shooting weddings on her own, transitioning to a full-time wedding photographer and owning her very own photography business – Brandi Allyse Photo. Brandi’s story proves that taking risks and stepping outside your comfort zone can lead to a successful photography career path.

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6. Following His Love For Photography – Jorge Santiago

a sunset silhouette of a couple dancing
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @jorgesantiagophoto

Jorge Santiago’s photography career path is a true success story worth reading. Growing up in a small town outside of Oaxaca City in the south of Mexico, he discovered his passion for photography at the age of 15 through a program that introduced photography to rural communities. He spent countless hours developing and enlarging images in a darkroom, which became a major part of his photography education. Jorge knew that photography was his calling, and despite getting a business degree, he went straight to work as a photographer for a newspaper and then as a photography museum darkroom manager. 

He later moved to China with his wife for a year, but they eventually moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. However, since his English was “very basic”, Jorge had a tough time finding a job that he liked. So he started his own wedding photography business, Jorge Santiago Photography. He booked ten weddings in his first year, and from there, it became his full-time job.

Jorge’s passion for photography and determination to succeed allowed him to build a successful wedding photography business in a new country. He continues to capture beautiful moments for his clients while staying true to his identity as a photographer.

7. Discovering Her Passion For Wedding Photography – Erin Morrison

a picture of the bride through a heart shape made by the groom's hands
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @erinm_photography

Erin Morrison, chai tea lover and pro wedding photographer, fell in love with photography after being amazed by her own wedding photographers. On her website, she shares, “I thought that what they did was pretty darn cool, and I felt like it would be the perfect creative outlet for me.” She couldn’t stop talking to her husband, James, about it, and he finally surprised her with her first camera! That moment changed everything. 

Erin is now the proud owner of Erin Morrison Photography. She has photographed over 300 weddings, capturing some of the most special moments of couples’ lives. But that’s not the only impressive feat she’s achieved – Erin has also consumed over 1700 chai teas!

Erin’s journey is proof that if you have a passion for something, it’s worth pursuing. If you have the determination to make it work, starting something new at any point in life can lead to success. Erin’s story will inspire you to take that leap of faith and pursue your dreams.

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8. Combining Artistic Talents Into Photography – Heather & Terrance Huie

a collage of cute couple images
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer @apollofields

Heather and Terrence’s story is also about successfully making a career change. Heather, an artist at heart, never considered her talent a viable career option. However, photography was part of her native skill set and interest. As she started experimenting and doing more photography, she got recognized for her work and began photographing people on the sideline. Heather went to Columbia for her Masters in photography and art education, which led her to work at a high-end e-commerce studio and fashion shoots. She learned much from working under the right people and absorbing all that information. 

On the other hand, Terrance, who had a talent for writing, dabbled in copywriting while studying political science and philosophy. But his love for spoken word poetry brought him to New York City. Here, he met Heather while both were bartending on the Upper West Side. That moment sparked a fire that led to the birth of Apollo Fields. This unique wedding photography business delivers stunning wedding photographs and offers a poetic representation of a couple’s relationship and their wedding day as a gift after the wedding.

9. From Passion to Full-Time Photography Profession – Stephanie Heymann

a beautiful wedding detail shot of a bride's wedding shoes
Image Credit: ShootDotEdit Customer

Stephanie Heymann’s love for photography began at a young age, thanks to her father’s classic 35mm Canon Camera. She vividly remembers holding a flower next to her face while her father clicked her picture. Even though her dad was not a photographer, he inspired her to pursue photography. During high school, Stephanie spent much time in the darkroom and was always interested in photography. 

In her Featured Photographer interview, she told us, “I had a teaching degree and worked at a magazine where I seemed to always be on the photo shoot. So photography was just always bubbling and simmering.” Eventually, she decided to jump into photography with both feet and never looked back. Her hard work and determination paid off, and her photography career took off right away.

Stephanie’s photography style evolved over the years. She started with families, headshots, and babies but quickly realized that she had a deeper love for weddings. Today, she spends most of her time shooting weddings, but also does Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, senior photos, and family portraits. Stephanie’s passion for photography started with a simple click of a camera and has led her on a successful photography career path.

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These are a few examples of the several talented photographers who have succeeded in their photography career path and the wedding photography industry. Their career change stories are inspiring and prove that pursuing one’s passions can yield powerful results. We continue to be inspired by the amount of hard work these professionals put into their art as well as their businesses, and we love to see them thrive and grow each day. We hope these stories from our customers inspire you and you get the confidence to take the leap to pursue your dreams.

At ShootDotEdit, we are passionate about helping you grow your wedding photography business. A part of how we do that is by lessening your post-production workload with our professional photo editing services. To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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From Second Shooter To Pro Wedding Photographer: The Rise Of Brandi Allyse Photo

As an artist, you have to both nurture your creative side and manage the business aspects of the profession. This is especially true for wedding photographers, who require a unique combination of artistry and business acumen to succeed. In our latest Featured Photographer series, we interview Brandi Salerno, a ShootDotEdit customer and the owner of Dallas-based wedding photography brand Brandi Allyse Photo, who has successfully navigated this balancing act.

In this interview, Brandi, who admits that it was not in her “nature to be a businesswoman”, shares her journey as an artist and entrepreneur, offering insights into how she’s mastered both ends of the service industry. From her transition from a portrait photographer to second shooting weddings and establishing her own business to the various gear and tools that have helped her along the way – join us as we unpack and celebrate Brandi’s incredible achievements.

The Becoming Of Brandi Allyse Photo

an image of featured photographer Brandi Allyse

ShootDotEdit: Tell us about your story. How did you get started? And how was Brandi Allyse Photo born?

Brandi: I went to Texas State University and graduated in 2009 with a degree in photography. Initially, I was reluctant to do weddings, as it just seemed like a daunting world, and so I stuck to portraits. I did portraiture for about 3 years because that felt safe and did not make me anxious! 

After I got married in 2011, I was just in love with my wedding photographer! She was like a celebrity to me. There was this time when she was looking for a second shooter, and so I reached out to her and asked if I could second shoot for her, which I then did for several years. I actually shot about 100 weddings with her. And this experience gave me the confidence to start shooting weddings on my own and go full-time with it.

ShootDotEdit: Any budding wedding photographers reading this, make a note! So what was it about your experience of being photographed as a bride that changed your mind and made you want to try photographing weddings?

Brandi: So, for my wedding, I regret this now, but at the time, I didn’t hire a wedding planner. Even though I had a wedding coordinator, I planned my whole wedding. It was stressful at times, but I really did enjoy the wedding world, and just planning the wedding got me all excited! And again, my photographer was just like such a celebrity, and she only did weddings, so it was kind of like any chance to work with her no matter what she was doing. I wanted to be able to learn from her. Even if she was doing portrait stuff, I would have asked to assist her.

an engaged couple holding hands in a way that the engagement ring is visible

ShootDotEdit: Were there any big moment(s) while you were second shooting that stood out to you as particularly meaningful or even made you recognize the value of it all?

Brandi: I learned a lot being the second shooter and witnessing my photographer’s skills and expertise in action! I was so impressed by how quickly and professionally she was able to direct her clients. She knew just what she needed from them and was able to get it done in a timely manner. 

A lot of times at weddings, we are working on a timeline and sometimes a very tight one, and so it was amazing to watch her just so professionally go about a day, stick to those timelines, and still get those amazing portraits. I learned a lot about posing and prompting from her. Seeing her move through the wedding day gracefully and confidently without ever seeming stressed or overwhelmed definitely made me learn a lot. 

I am incredibly passionate about second shooting for weddings. For someone who is specifically wanting to get into the wedding industry but does not really know how to get started, I would say shoot weddings and learn! Whether you’re second shooting weddings, reaching out to people for second shoots, or even assisting photographers, just watching somebody and getting the learning experience is incredibly useful! You can observe the flow of a day, what can sometimes go wrong, how timelines can shift, and how to be assertive in the middle of all of the wedding day chaos.

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ShootDotEdit: Prior to shooting on your own, was she the only other person you assisted?

Brandi: Oh yes, she was absolutely incredible! Simply observing her helped me understand time frames for different things, and how she did it is definitely something that I have taken into my business. I learned her way of laying out a timeline, and I was comfortable with it, so I kind of mimicked and changed into my own. It’s wild that she has now been a second shooter to me a couple of times! The first time she did, it felt like life was coming to a full circle – I was overwhelmed with emotion.

ShootDotEdit: Wow! A classic “the student has become the master” situation! So Brandi, now that you’re a full-time Dallas wedding photographer, when you look back on your journey, is there anything that you would have done differently?

Brandi: I think my whole photography journey has just been very well played out. I have talked about this a lot that it’s very much a confidence thing, and you have to have a lot of confidence to shoot a wedding, in my opinion. Some people know how to work the camera and go right into shooting weddings, but that wasn’t the case for me. Each step of my photographic experience was like building a puzzle piece. From the Texas wedding photographers I worked with to the places I visited, this journey that has brought me to where I am today has been an incredible adventure. I think I wouldn’t do anything differently because each step was like a part of building the confidence that I needed. Looking back now, I wouldn’t want any part of this adventure differently, as all of it has been essential in forming who I am today.

Business Lessons With Brandi Allyse Photo

a groom posing with his pets and the groomsmen

ShootDotEdit: You have a successful wedding photography business now, but did you already have the business side of things intact before you got into it full-time?

Brandi: Although I had a basic understanding of the business, it has been quite a learning process because it was not my nature to be a businesswoman. Thankfully, I had the help of my husband, who is an accountant and could provide me with sound advice when making decisions about pricing for customers – something which seemed daunting at first given that everyone around me was familiar. He has always encouraged me and pushed me to make better business choices. Eventually, I have become more comfortable navigating these challenges, so now I can confidently manage all aspects of running my business as a Texas wedding photographer.

ShootDotEdit: Since you’ve had quite a journey as a photographer, for those looking to break into the world of wedding photography, is there anything they should be prepared or watch out for?

Brandi: Whether you are full-time wedding photographers in Dallas or anywhere in the world, shooting weddings can be incredibly labor-intensive with the amount of photos that must be edited afterward. From managing your cards carefully to ensuring redundancy is removed in the process, it’s important to consider each step – from photo culling and editing all the way through to backup planning. The time commitment here cannot be overstated. Between taking AND processing photos comes plenty of effort! 

I was doing it pretty much all by myself with a couple of software when I was doing only portraits. I had Lightroom, and I had a service to deliver images, but other than that I was doing everything myself. But now that I am doing full-time weddings, I realized that it’s okay and encouraged to use resources for help like ShootDotEdit! I say this a lot of times – ShootDotEdit saved my business. Using different software and investing in really good ones to create a better client experience is something that I think it’s huge. The more I shot and the busier I became, I realized that it’s so helpful to use your resources wisely!

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Brandi’s Go-To Gear

a wedding ring portrait taken by Brandi Allyse

ShootDotEdit: Saying that with every amazing photo comes equally amazing gear might not be 100% true, but we know wedding photographers love good tech. So what are you currently using for shooting weddings?

Brandi: I’m a proud Canon user, and currently, I own two of its R6s. For lenses, I acquired a few new ones, like the R50mm and R70-200. And to any 50mm fans, I know you love the L series 50 mm using the adapter, but for me, there’s never been a better purchase! It’s like nothing else I’ve ever used before, and it’s just amazing!

ShootDotEdit: So, let’s make this a little tougher. If you had to bring only three lenses to document a wedding, which ones would make it to your wedding photography gear bag?

Brandi: My first pick would be the 50mm lens. Next on my list is the 35mm. For the final pick, I would say the 100 macro because that could also be used as a portrait lens. It can be used in the ceremony even though it doesn’t have a low aperture. But it also gives you the detail shots you can’t get anywhere else.

ShootDotEdit: Really! So no zoom in your quiver?

Brandi: Not if I had to! Because my 7200 is only for the ring ceremony. So yes, I could live without it and would go with the 100 macro instead.

ShootDotEdit: Tell us about your lighting techniques. Do you usually prefer to use a flash for lighting, or do you tend to lean more toward ambient light?

Brandi: For receptions, I rely on my Neewer flash from Amazon to light up the room for me. I have used these flashes for years, and they are so much better than any other flash that I have used. They are very well-priced too! Sometimes, I will do the flash on camera and sync another one on a tripod to get some side lighting. The only other lighting I use is a panel light for the exit and not a flash because just in case it misfires. You are shooting a lot in the exit, so I use a panel light that has a hot shoe mount to my camera.

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Powering Business Operations With Strategic Investment

ShootDotEdit: Are there any software that you rely on for a seamless workflow or impeccable client experience?

Brandi: At the beginning of a process with the client, I use HoneyBook, which is an amazing customer relationship management (CRM) software. It helps me streamline my customer interactions, and with each customer inquiry, it creates a project where I can send them invoices, brochures, contracts, questionnaires, and so on. Everything is tailored to my brand, and every project can be customized according to the individual customer’s needs. It’s like having a digital database but with extra features like automated milestones for customers’ journeys. I can also use contracts that include phone numbers, addresses, emails, and something else – timelines! I personally don’t use the timeline feature of HoneyBook, but the option is there if required. Additionally, when dealing with new customers, I find it really helpful to send out fun questionnaires or brochures just for information gathering purposes. Lastly, contracts are always necessary too.

ShootDotEdit: Any other software that helps you free up time or just offer a 5-star customer service?

Brandi: I use Lightroom to edit my photos. ShootDotEdit has occasionally culled for me, but I also have Photo Mechanic for culling. I know of people who still cull as they edit in Lightroom, and it’s just not a time-efficient approach. To deliver my galleries to clients, I use Pic-Time, which offers a variety of features. I also rely on a range of apps like Canva and Unfold to create aesthetically pleasing visual content that helps enhance my brand presence online, like on social media.

A Stress-Free Post-Production Workflow With ShootDotEdit

a fun couple portrait where the bride to be is on the back of the groom

ShootDotEdit: Could you share the rhythm of your workflow and how outsourcing photo editing, specifically color correction, has benefitted you? Are there any unique elements in your process that have proved successful in your routine?

Brandi: I usually cull with Photo Mechanic before submitting to ShootDotEdit. I send everything to you guys and get it back. I still do spend a few hours on a wedding, correcting a few things here and there or going over and hitting the blemishes and smoothing a couple of points that I know that my clients were self-conscious about on the day of.

Something that I love and is something I would do even if I was just getting that out of it, honestly, is the reception photos with crazy DJ lights changing every two seconds. You know that when you are looking at 300 of those, and you can’t do a copy and paste to each one because one is blue, and then one is purple, and then one is green and red. So, to not have to worry about the reception images at all and receiving them flawlessly edited, perfectly white-balanced without needing to be concerned about the individual variations – that has been an incredible and time-saving experience.

ShootDotEdit: Yours is also a really great example of the fact that outsourcing doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing situation. Many photographers will assume it’s about letting go 100%, but it’s okay to save 80% of your time and use that 20% to do your own thing – whatever that may be. How have you found value in outsourcing that specific part of the job?

Brandi: It’s the time I’m saving that makes all the difference. When taking on a wedding, editing over 1,000 photos in such a short timeframe would be impossible for most people – even perfectionists! Yet with ShootDotEdit, it now takes me only a few hours to get an entire wedding done once it’s been delivered. That immense value is something you won’t find elsewhere!

a bridal portrait taken by Brandi Allyse

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We’ve always been huge admirers of Brandi and her work (Brandi Allyse Photo). Her artistic vision and distinctive brand never fail to impress us, and we take every opportunity to applaud her talent and accomplishments. Brandi’s story is a testament to the saying, “you’ll never know unless you try”. Despite initially feeling intimidated by the wedding industry, she persevered and has since become one of the most highly sought-after wedding photographers in the field. Also, even though she did say that she was never a natural businessperson, we continue to be impressed with how Brandi has managed to build a thriving wedding photography business that also supports other entrepreneurs, a concept that we are absolutely here for!

Brandi, we are so grateful for you sharing your inspiring story with us. We are honored to be able to take away some of the stress that comes with being a wedding photographer, and we take great pride in assisting exceptional professionals like you elevate their businesses. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey! You can check out Brandi’s work on her Instagram, Facebook, or website.

At ShootDotEdit, we share our clients’ stories with you to inspire and demonstrate the power of outsourcing. If photo editing has become a tedious process for you, then it’s time to let us lighten your workload! To learn more about how we can help your wedding photography business, check out our pricing plans.

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