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Posing Deep Dive: Contrasting Colors can Make or Break Images


When you are photographing couples, there are several factors to take into consideration in order to produce a beautiful photo. Not only do you need to examine your surroundings, understand the lighting, and determine the best pose, but you also need to look at elements such as color. Color can play a large role in your images because it can direct your attention to a certain aspect of the photo.

In our Posing Critique Webinar with Roberto, one of the goals was to help photographers learn posing techniques to enhance and improve their work. Today, we are continuing our Posing Deep Dive series with Roberto Valenzuela, where he takes a clinical look at some of the images submitted and provides tips and insights on how to improve them! In this second installment, Roberto explains the importance of being aware of colors in your shot and how they can affect the focal point of the image. Enjoy!
This week, I want to focus on an image submitted by Vince Murdock from Indigo Sky Photography. Overall, this photo is beautifully done, and the contact between the couple engages the viewer, and a true connection is made.

KB-19 proof3 [···]

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Posing Deep Dive with Roberto Valenzuela: Why Body Language Matters


Here at ShootDotEdit, not only do we care about providing our customers with the best in post production photography, we also like to share insights from photographers in the industry. Roberto Valenzuela is a great example of a photographer who is an expert in all things posing and lighting. In addition to his photography career, he is also an author and an educator. One of the greatest aspects of being a teacher is the opportunity to help individuals succeed and continuously improve. It can be so rewarding to watch them grow into their craft, especially when it is an area that you are passionate about too, such as photography.

In our Posing Critique Webinar with Roberto, one of the goals was to help photographers learn posing techniques to enhance and improve their work. Numerous amount of photos were submitted for review, and in this 5-part blog series, Roberto will take a clinical look at some of the images submitted and provide tips and insights on how to improve them. Today is the first installment, and Roberto shares the importance of body language in your images – enjoy!


This week, I want to focus on an image submitted by Southern California Wedding Photographer, Nathan Shute:



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11 Go-To Poses for Great Pictures of the Groom

go-to groom poses

As you are shooting with the bride and groom, you spend a lot of time thinking about what wedding photography poses you should use that will make them look their best. In the past, we have covered topics on how to pose the couple during engagement sessions, as well as how to pose the bride, bridesmaids, and family formals. Since posing is a critical part of your shooting routine, we thought we should cover another important part of the wedding day – groom poses!


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CreativeLive Course: Location, Posing, Execution with Roberto Valenzuela


CreativeLive is our favorite resource for awesome online education for professional photographers. Photographer and author Roberto Valenzuela spent time teaching the fundamentals of posing in his CreativeLive class, Location, Posing, Execution. We have exciting news – from May 31st to June 1st, CreativeLive is rebroadcasting Roberto’s class for FREE!

As a wedding photographer, posing is one of the most crucial parts of creating stunning images for your clients. By simply understanding the basics of how to pose your clients, you can speed up your shooting process and make sure that your clients look their best in every image! [···]

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Top 5 Tips: Best Bride Poses for the Wedding Day

bride poses

After months of planning and hours on the morning of the wedding day getting ready, every bride desires to look stunning on her special day. As her photographer, it is necessary for you to create images that showcase the bride at her best. An effective way to do this is to use bride poses that flatter her body and allow her to feel feminine and beautiful.


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Posing for the Wedding Photographer – The Guide


With all of the different ways to grow your wedding photography business, we love sharing helpful content with you. To continue this, we’re excited to announce our newest guide!

Posing subjects is no simple task, especially when you’re working under the pressures of a rushed wedding timeline, imperfect lighting conditions, and subjects that aren’t models. Our Posing for the Wedding Photographer Guide was created with go-to wedding photographer poses from Roberto Valenzuela and other posing pros in the photography industry, and if you take the necessary steps to learn the fundamentals of posing and continuously practice, your images can drastically improve.

Get the Posing Guide!


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Top 5 Tips: Keys to Posing for the Bride and Groom Pictures

tips for bride and groom pictures

As the wedding day approaches, it is time to prepare by charging your gear, formatting memory cards, and scouting the wedding location. Another essential item to work on before the day is posing for the wedding portraits. In the past, we’ve talked about posing the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family formals. Today, we are focusing on how to master wedding couple poses for the bride and groom pictures to ensure you master every shot.

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Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 3 Tricks to Better Groomsmen Poses

better groomsmen poses

Here at ShootDotEdit, we specialize in wedding photo editing services for pro photographers. We also provide valuable resources that help you with your photography. In previous posts, we talked about a few essential tips for how to take the richest, most natural, and memorable images when shooting the engagement session or posing the bridesmaids. This week, we are again focusing on the art of wedding photography poses by sharing 3 tricks to better groomsmen poses.


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