Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Time as a Wedding Photographer?

A red clock as a depiction of how to save time with outsourcing for wedding photography

Time… You can’t fight it—there are only 24 hours in every day! 

Time is fleeting and time matters. It’s not just something you can get back… Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

What decisions have you been putting off making in your business because you simply just don’t have the time?

And what if you could get that time back? What would you do with even just one extra hour each day? 

Would you spend it with your family? Or perhaps you’d go to the gym—maybe even get in some much-needed self-care… 

You could catch up on sleep, cuddle with your kiddo—the world really opens up when you’re not constantly getting buried by your work! Outsourcing for wedding photography can be the key to unlock extra time (by getting that lost time back).

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Hello from our CEO

Hi, my name is Garrett 🙂
I am the Founder and CEO of ShootDotEdit. I’m a Husband and a Father of 4.


If you would like to learn more about me, visit me on IG:  @garrett_delph

Here’s a photo of my crew on Easter 2019.

Garrett Delph - the Founder & CEO of ShootDotEdit - with his wife and four children
(Oh, side note, my oldest daughter’s boyfriend is on the far right. Otherwise, I would be a Father of 5 ;))

Also, I’m a fellow Pro Wedding Photographer. I shot weddings exclusively for 11 years.

I have personally photographed more than 300 weddings, in 13 U.S. states and in 4 Countries.

When I was shooting full time, I began to loathe culling and editing.

Btw, I wasn’t the only one who loathed culling & editing weddings.

All my pro wedding photographer friends hated culling & editing, too.

We all especially hated culling.

There were no service solutions. Anywhere.

And, so, we were forced into DIY prison.

And, so I hired and trained and managed a full-time editor for my studio.

That was VERY costly and time-consuming too.

There had to be a better way for all of us.

And so…, I started ShootDotEdit. That was in 2007.


12.5 years later, we serve an amazing community of Pro Wedding Photographers worldwide and are thankful to bring amazing value at a fair and reasonable price to the pro wedding photography space.

We are a people first company, who lift up and empower one another through our commitments to doing the right thing operationally and culturally.

We have lots of great insights, experiences, inspirations, and stories to share with you!


And, if you like, we’ll continue to share those with you as you move forward in your professional photography journey.

Here’s wishing you balance, Peace, success, and much joy in our entrepreneurial journey!

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Wedding Photography Trends 2015

photography trends 2015

With every year that passes, the current trends in photography change. This is also true for changes within the wedding photography industry. From new photographers emerging to create businesses and competitive marketing strategies to advancements in technology and shooting techniques, running your own wedding photography business can be overwhelming. Creating goals for your business each year can assist you in elevating your standard and get you to exactly where you want to be.


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Announcing Fotoskribe. Now a ShootDotEdit Company

ShootDotEdit has acquired Fotoskribe.

Fotoskribe is the leading expert in blogging as-a-service for the Pro Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Over the years, Fotoskribe has earned the trust and reputation of creating best in class content and image publishing for its customers. They specialize in matching the voice and style of each photography business they serve. We have been especially inspired by Fotoskribe’s repeated ability to get Google’s attention and thereby increase the SEO rankings of their clients. For these reasons and many others, it made good sense to align with and purchase them.

Last year, we announced the introduction of “Extra,” FREE event gallery hosting, event gallery marketing, and event gallery sales for all ShootDotEdit customers. This announcement was a giant step toward creating a linear workflow path, one that cuts out all of the painful zig-zags and stop gaps that come with building, managing, and selling event images. “Extra” does all of these difficult and time-consuming tasks for our customers, for free. The purchase of Fotoskribe is another exciting step toward that same goal of empowering and enabling the success of Pro Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

For Jared Bauman and I (co-founders of ShootDotEdit), our position is the same today as it was in 2005 when we decided we must let go of business tasks preventing us from succeeding: do what you do best and outsource the rest. As the professional photography economy of “fast” increases its speed, there just isn’t enough time in business to do it all. And yet, it all needs to get done in order to compete, in order to succeed.

Moreover, the new social and networking demands for the Pro Photographer are more time and energy consuming than ever before. And so, the acquisition of Fotoskribe is another service that naturally aligns with what we believe is a needed service for Pro Photographers who want to succeed and profit in their business.

I’m excited; we’re excited. 🙂 We hope you are too.

In conclusion, if you have questions, make it a point to connect with Fotoskribe: LEARN MORE. Or, feel free to call 415.692.3669 to talk personally with an expert about how Fotoskribe can help you and your business.

I invite you to join us on this journey of what new success looks like for the Pro Wedding and Portrait Photographer.


Pursuing Excellence,

Garrett Delph
Proud Husband and Father of 4
CEO / Co-Founder


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How ShootDotEdit Grows Photographers’ Businesses

As a wedding photography business owner, there are constantly areas of your business that you can improve. Between improving your marketing strategy, personalizing your pricing, and updating your blogging workflow, the possibilities are endless for what you can do to grow your business! The one roadblock you might be familiar running into is finding the time to implement your ideas. We have good news for you! At ShootDotEdit, we believe that your time should be spent working on areas of your business that only YOU can do, meaning that we want to help you out! By utilizing our photo editing services, you can free up time to focus on areas of your busy that need your attention.

Quote_Gardella_Banner-1 [···]

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The Impact ShootDotEdit has on Photographers’ Businesses

After you shoot a wedding, you head home, sit at your computer, and begin the hours of post-processing work to quickly get your images to your clients. What you may not realize is that the hours invested into editing your images is time that you could spend growing your wedding photography business! Here at ShootDotEdit, we cure the pain of post-processing for photographers around the globe. Outsourcing photo editing to us means that we take care of 90% of the workload, leaving you with only 10% (adding your Signature Style). When you use our photo editing services, you are freeing yourself up to do more of what you love – shooting!

Roberto Valenzuela says it best:

Quote_Roberto2_Banner [···]

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Announcing Custom ShootDotEdit Presets Powered by Totally Rad!


In 2014, adding Lightroom Presets was the #1 Requested Feature from our ShootDotEdit Customers. So, we made it our mission to partner with the very best in preset developers for wedding photographers. Totally Rad! was up for the challenge, and developed a set of custom ShootDotEdit Presets!

With over 20 presets, from rad black and white options to stylized sharpening to your favorite film emulsions, you can use these to enhance your Signature Style in union with ShootDotEdit’s custom color corrections. The best part? They are included for free as a ShootDotEdit Customer! Take a look at how wedding photographer Leeann Marie uses these presets on her images in this short video:

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