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Nick Arvold of Narvold Photography is a truly valued customer of ShootDotEdit. We love seeing the incredible and creative images he sends in on a regular basis!

So of course, you know we had to ask him how he got some of our favorite shots… And we’re proud to announce he decided to share some wisdom with you!

So read on to find out how Narvold Photography Got the Shot!

couple dipping on a road in a fall forest

This image was shot with all-natural lighting on an overcast day at the family’s home in Central Wisconsin. I can’t say no to a long dirt road. I love all the earthy tones — from the trees to the outfits the couple picked out… it just works.

With the fall colors, leading lines, and distance of the couple, I knew this was a great opportunity for a wall hanger image. So I used the Brenizer Method to capture 9 separate images to stitch together later to create some awesome depth.

I always like to end with dip images. The couple is usually warmed up and comfortable by this point… So I just have them go for it!

couple walking through doorway of a barn from dark inside to light outside

This image was taken just after a first look with the couple located at the beautiful Enchanted Barn in Hillsdale, WI. I love the rustic moody vibes paired with the all-natural lighting.

Sometimes you just have to be ready to capture a moment. I had just finished some shots inside the barn and still had my exposure set for indoors, I honestly just looked up to follow them outside and loved how the light was coming through the door… Gotta be quick!

groom smelling brides hair

This moment was amazing! We had been taking photos all day and the couple just had dinner so we wanted to get some golden hour shots. This point in the day is by far my favorite. Not only do we have a great opportunity to capture stunning images with sunset lighting, but it was a chance for the couple to pull away from the wedding craziness and just be together after the “I do’s”. Standing in the middle of a field it was so intimate.  

For shots like these, I ask my grooms to always look at her! I ask him to smell her hair, which sounds silly but always gets a cute smile.

I just love the pure emotion of this shot. Like I said before. You can tell it felt great for them to get away and just be together.

Thank you Narvold Photography for sharing your wedding photography tips and tricks with us!

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