8 Amazing Wedding Photography Giveaway Ideas

8 Amazing Wedding Photography Giveaway Ideas

Sharing your work through your wedding photography business’s social media platforms is a great way to gain followers and build a brand and a digital portfolio. By staying consistent with your posts and content, you might even be able to generate new leads through social media. However, while it’s essential to keep sharing your photographs and videos, sometimes, it may not be enough to engage your followers. In this case, a wedding photography giveaway or contest can get your brand the attention and engagement it needs. You can offer anything that could be useful or fun for your audience. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, but a few discounts or little freebies can do the magic! In this blog, we bring you some ideas on what you could offer your followers through social media giveaways. Social media marketing is a long-term process, but adopting the right strategies could help you engage your audience and perhaps even generate more leads and increase your page’s reach.

8 Ways To Attract Clients With Wedding Photography Giveaways

1. Get Participants to Design Their Own Photo Shoot

Infographic stating a wedding photography giveaway or contest can create engagement

An intriguing wedding photography giveaway idea is giving your participants the task of designing their own photo shoot. Through this contest, you can ask your participants to design their dream wedding shoot, which includes the theme they want or the props they desire to be used at their wedding. You can ask them to make it on paper and upload the photos or use any design software. To get more engagement, you can also ask your followers to invite their friends to participate in the contest. In return, you can bring to life the winner’s dream photo session for free. When the contest is over, and the winner is declared, keep your audience posted about the upcoming images from the shoot. After the shoot, upload the pictures online and talk about the experience.

2. Ask to Upload Best Images From a Friend’s Wedding

For this contest idea, you won’t have to upload any images and can simply ask the participants to upload some fun pictures from a recent wedding they attended. Facebook or Instagram can be a good platform to run such a contest. You will be surprised to see how many funny and quirky wedding images come your way. This will not only increase the level of interaction between your audience and you but also be an entertaining activity for both parties. Plus, your followers might even begin to see you and your brand as one that encourages and sees the beauty in the silly, unique moments at weddings. As a reward for this giveaway, you could offer a free service or give away tickets to a photo or film festival.  

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3. Run a Caption Contest

Infographic stating ask your followers to write the best caption for one of your wedding photos

You might have hundreds and thousands of long-forgotten photos from your past weddings. Dig out a few fun, interesting, and unique photographs from that bunch and put them to some great use. How? Pick any one or two of these images for a caption contest and upload them to your social media — Facebook or Instagram or both would work well. Now, ask the participants to submit captions that they think match perfectly with the pictures. In order for them to enter the contest, prepare a form where the participants can add their details. This gives you their information, which you can then use to reach out to them to promote your services or products. You can reward the participant with the best caption with photography gear or a discount on your packages. 

4. Try An Image Editing Giveaway

Select and upload a wedding image on your social media and ask your audience to use their imagination and creativity to edit it. You can give them options to edit the image around specific themes and then reward the best submissions in each category with exciting wedding photography giveaways. To maximize participation, you can also keep different prizes for different ‘Best Use of…’ entries. It can be the Best Use of Filters, the Best Use of Imagination, Best Professional Looking Touch-ups, or the Best Edited Portrait. This contest would require more time, focus, and effort from the participant, so ensure that the rewards you offer are worth it.

5. Ask Participants to Create Timelapse Images

You might think that asking people to take timelapse images could be too specialized, technical, and even uninteresting for them. But when you organize a wedding photography giveaway like this, you might be surprised to see how many hobbyists would love to show off their skills and take up the challenge gladly. During the contest, you can keep updating a ‘Best Entries So Far’ section. This will keep your participants interested and excited about the final results. Offer different prizes to encourage more participation from your audience. You could offer a one-to-one masterclass to the winner and discounts on products and services to the runners-up. 

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6. Collaborate With a Brand for Market Relevance

Infographic stating collaborate with a brand or fellow vendor and customize prizes accordingly

Team up with a known brand to run your wedding photography giveaway and get noticed by your target audience. If you are looking to increase your reach, partnering with relevant brands and companies could help you do that. You can partner with camera equipment brands, wedding and engagement venues, album printing services, etc. As a prize, you could think about offering a free 10-minute photo session, after which the printing service you partner with can give the winner the prints for free. Similarly, you can customize these prizes according to the brands you collaborate with. Make the contest easy to enter so that more people get a chance to interact with your brand. Ask them to leave comments on a particular image, like your page, follow you on social media, or simply sign up for your newsletter. 

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7. Ask Audience to Upload Photos Raising Awareness About Charity Causes

This photography giveaway idea might not appear to be directly related to your business but can help you get noticed by your potential clients. You may choose to highlight any of the various charitable causes that come to your mind or are close to your heart. If possible, pick a cause that would resonate with your target audience. You can start the giveaway by uploading an image and stating the rules. You could then reward the image that conveys the message of the cause or creates the most impact. As a final prize, you can donate the pre-committed amount to a charity of your winner’s choice.

8. Run Expectation Vs. Reality Memes Contest

Infographic stating wedding photography contests should be fun and exciting for your followers

A memes contest could be a fun Facebook wedding photography giveaway for your couples and a great way to introduce your brand. They can simply pick up some gorgeous wedding images from the internet or choose a Pinterest masterpiece and then recreate them with their partner or friends. The comparisons between expectation and reality could be hilarious, and your audience is bound to have fun participating in this contest. You can reward the 5 most funny comparisons with movie tickets, dining coupons, discounts, or a quick photoshoot.

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Wedding photography giveaways can be a helpful way to get more followers and increase your brand’s digital presence. They may not work overnight, but they are bound to engage your existing audience and possibly act as an invitation for other potential clients. You just have to make sure that your contests are fun and exciting enough, and what you are offering as a reward is enticing enough for them to take out the time to participate in the contest. Remember, it doesn’t have to be about expensive gifts or long-term services. Assess your situation and what you can offer to your audience without having to stretch yourself too thin.

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