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Tutorial: How to Use Gaussian Blur in Photoshop

How to Use Gaussian Blur in Photoshop

Gaussian Blur in Photoshop is a type of low pass filter which cuts out unevenness and smoothens pixel values in a photograph. In simple terms, if you want to reduce noise in an image, add an artistic blur effect to it, or intend to create depth in it by blurring the background, this feature can help. Carl Friedrich Gauss, a mathematician, had come up with a mathematical function that was named after him, and since Photoshop uses this function to blur images, it called this filter Gaussian. When you use the Gaussian Blur in Photoshop, you’ll witness a smooth blur that will give you the experience of looking at your image through a translucent fabric or screen. In this blog, we’ve shared how you can get that look for your pictures and other situations where this filter can help you.

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