Social Media Marketing: Should Wedding Photographers Use TikTok?

Social Media Marketing: Should Wedding Photographers Use TikTok?

Social media has been growing exponentially each year – in terms of users and platforms – and most brides turn to social media platforms when researching for wedding decor, dress, or even stationery inspiration. And due to this trend, many wedding photographers tend to rely on a website, an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and Pinterest for online marketing techniques. However, another app that is slowly catching up amongst the photographer community is TikTok. Even though the platform is hugely popular, most wedding photographers still find themselves asking, ‘Should wedding photographers use TikTok?’. And we don’t blame you. Starting something new is always nerve-wracking, but for those who are thinking of using TikTok to promote their wedding photography business, this blog could help you get started.

What is TikTok?

Infographic stating TikTok is a great way to repurpose your content in short form videos

If this is the first time you are hearing about TikTok or have no clue about what it is, let’s start with the basics. Released in 2016, TikTok is a short-form video (15 seconds to 1 minute) creating and sharing app that lets users create fun videos that are usually accompanied by singing, dancing, or film dialogues. Think of it like this: YouTube, but for shorter videos. And for a wedding photographer using TikTok, it’s a great way to repurpose your original content. The app, which was initially extremely popular only among young users, has been rapidly gaining users across all age groups and has even given rise to ‘TikTok stars’ and famous TikTok photographers. 

TikTok Videos You Can Create Easily

1. Bridal Fashion

Brides will always want to be on their A-game on their wedding day. And since trends are constantly changing, a great way to potentially attract your ideal brides is by creating a TikTok video from time to time about wedding dresses and accessories that are on every bride’s must-have list at the time. Don’t forget to include some detail photos for this one!

2. What To Look For In A Wedding Photographer

If not you, we don’t know who could say this better! This TikTok video idea is all about offering your brides a short guide on how they can choose a wedding photographer who will help bring their vision alive. The video could include a few points on red flags to watch out for and what qualities to look for as couples start meeting with wedding photographers. 

3. Go Behind The Scenes

Infographic stating use TikTok to share behind the scenes moments of fun bloopers with brides

Make this a fun video! Add any bloopers or any goofy behind-the-scenes images or videos you have. The wedding day can be stressful for a bride, so use this TikTok video to show brides that even when things go wrong, it’s possible to find moments of joy and laughter. 

4. Reasons to Book an Engagement Session

An engagement session is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know your couple and for them to celebrate their love and this new journey that they are about to begin, but not every couple realizes that. They might be too busy planning the wedding, so use this TikTok video to convince your couples to book an engagement session. Put together some stunning engagement photos and videos and let them do the talking. 

Think of all the outdoor and indoor engagement session locations you love and recommend to couples who book an engagement session with you and make a TikTok video out of them. Use the video to show couples what beautiful locations await them. Remember to include location names in your photographs.

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5. Posing Tips 

Whether it’s tips on posing with your furry friends, bridal party, or for bridal portraits, you can give amazing posing tips to brides (and grooms) through your TikTok videos. Those who are uncomfortable in front of the camera are bound to find this helpful. You could suggest ways to feel more confident, how to get over the awkwardness, and some go-to poses that will always work in their favor. 

Things to Consider While Creating TikTok Videos

1. Keep It Short, Informative

The whole point of TikTok videos is that they are short and entertaining. Making them informative is your choice. But as a wedding photographer, using your TikTok account to offer advice to couples planning their weddings is a great way to go the extra mile for potential clients. However, remember to keep your videos upbeat and consistent with your other content. 

2. Keep Up With What’s Trending

Infographic stating when using TikTok be unique and keep up with what is trending

The key to keeping your TikTok updated is simply by keeping up with trends in music and whatever is happening on the social media platform. In your videos, include tracks that are up and coming or currently going viral.

3. Be Unique

Just like the strategy you’d use for your other social media platforms, don’t just copy other famous TikTok photographers. A video may instantly go viral but not necessarily align with your brand. The trick is to modify and adapt that trending or viral concept into something that speaks for your brand. This unique touch to something that is trending might even impress your brides.

4. Be Consistent

Be it blogging or posting on Instagram, being consistent with your content is crucial to retain your audience. When you post consistently – frequency and content-wise – your audience will know what to expect from you. If you post random videos, your audience will get confused and are less likely to engage with your content.

5. Have Fun and Engage with Clients

Without the fun part, making videos for your TikTok will just seem like another time and energy-consuming task to you. In the process of doing business, you might often put fun aside, but use this opportunity to have fun as you promote your business on social media. If you love the content you are creating, your clients will too.

Diversify Your Social Media Marketing 

Infographic stating TikTok can help you diversify your social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing for your wedding photography business is one of the best ways to promote your business and increase the chances of being found by your ideal bride. Many wedding photographers rely on social media to display their work and also engage with their clients. So, to answer whether wedding photographers should use TikTok, we would say never say never. Creating a TikTok video might seem like too much work. But you could give it a try, experiment with a couple of different tactics, and see how your audience reacts. If it doesn’t work out, then you always have the option to not do it anymore. However, it could just work wonders for your brand, so we recommend that you give it a try. 

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